Places That You Should Not Visit

An IST FYI post…….

I know that we are in the clutches of winter and not  really thinking about our next vacation…that is unless you are cabin bound and need some day dreaming to get through the day…..anyway when you do consider that big trip there are a few places you probably should not go…..

  • The Galapagos: The annual influx of tourists is making the island chain’s “fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems” vulnerable.
  • The “places that don’t want you to visit”: Some locales, such as Venice and Peru’s Machu Picchu, are simply overwhelmed and their resources strained by so many visitors; Fodor’s says the people there need a brief “staycation” from the rest of the world.
  • The Taj Mahal: The iconic landmark is going to be coated in mud for much of the year (a regimen meant to keep the structure from yellowing). That doesn’t exactly make for great photos.
  • Thailand’s Phang Nga National Park: The “rush to paradise” has marred the park’s coral reefs and disrupted its marine life. It desperately needs some recovery time.
  • Myanmar: It’s a matter of humanitarian conscience that puts this country on Fodor’s list. The publisher doesn’t think anyone should visit while the persecution and “ethnic cleansing” of the Muslim minority Rohingya continues there.

Check out the other no-go locales on Fodor’s list, then view the “coolest places” to see in 2018.

You could always go to Israel and learn how to kill protesters……think I am kidding?

Several Israeli firms are promoting fantasy, “anti-terror” camps that offer tourists from all over the world training by former Israeli army commandos.

There, tourists are given a made-real war environment at “counter-terrorism” boot camp where they are trained to kill “terrorists” who happen to look a lot like Palestinian Arabs.

Implemented across the regime’s occupied territories, tourists are charged $115 for adults and $85 for children.

Just a few suggestions of places not to visit…..of course you could go to NYC and try to catch a glimpse of Fearless leader….me?  I have a garden and I enjoy it every day….

The weekend begins… well, be safe…..chuq

7 thoughts on “Places That You Should Not Visit

      1. The mudslides in California were so bad they reached India…..damn thats a big slide…LOL ….have a good evening…… chuq

  1. I have been in Venice several times, but won’t go there anymore. The people there are getting more and more unfriendly – I can fully understand that on one hand, but on the other the Venecians really are partly responsible for bringing that wonderful place in danger – for many years they simply have been too greedy…

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