Having A Meltdown?

A new Sunday and cool weather…the garden has gone down until Spring….about the only thing to do is stay warm and read the news…..

An IST FYI report…….

There are new threats to computers……and they are a bitch……

Security experts worldwide are melting down over Meltdown and feeling haunted by Spectre. Those are the names security researchers have given two massive, newly discovered security flaws that affect central processing units at the chip level, meaning nearly all computers are at risk no matter what kind of operating system they run, TechCrunch reports. The bugs, discovered by researchers from Google’s Project Zero team and independent other teams, exploit flaws in computer architecture that make it possible for malicious software to steal information from other programs, according to a website set up by researchers to explain them. The researchers had planned to wait until fixes were available next week before disclosing the flaws, but they released them early after a tech site revealed the vulnerabilities, the AP reports.

The flaws differ in some ways: Meltdown, which breaks through barriers protecting computer memory, affects only Intel chips and works in a way that makes cloud computing especially vulnerable, while the Spectre technique, which is harder to exploit but can trick other applications into revealing information, affects just about everything with any sort of chip in it. Analysts say a patch for Meltdown could slow CPUs down by up to 30%, while there is no known fix for Spectre, which could require a major chip redesign. Researcher Paul Kocher, part of the team that discovered the flaws, tells the New York Times that focusing on improving speed in new chips resulting in design flaws. “We’ve really screwed up,” he says. “There’s been this desire from the industry to be as fast as possible and secure at the same time. Spectre shows that you cannot have both.”

Be careful on your ‘puter…..otherwise enjoy your weekend and I will see you guys tomorrow…..chuq

3 thoughts on “Having A Meltdown?

  1. I have long accepted that using a computer is always going to be something attacked and interfered with. Last year, I started to back up all my photos and documents on a portable hard drive. But that is only a ‘sticking-plaster’ fix, as I would have to plug it into another computer to retrieve the stuff. 🙂
    ( 2 degrees C here today, with a cold north wind!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I do nothing of value on my PC other than my blog….if someone wants in there then have at it…..damn cold….it is starting to warm up down here after a week off below freezing weather…… chuq

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