Closing Thought–04Jan18

Ever hear of the small country of Binomo?

It seems that the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has……she was interviewed about their successful move to democracy and the election of a new Ukrainian president….

The problem is she was punked and had no idea…..and it was not for the first time…..

The US ambassador to the United Nations has fallen victim to a phone prank perpetrated by a famous Russian duo, with whom she discussed the affairs of a fictional South China Sea island nation and the alleged harassment of the Ukrainian president by Kevin Spacey.

Notorious Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) have managed to one-up the US government by calling Nikki Haley and tricking her into thinking that she was speaking with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

More on the punking…..

The perfect illustration the the US has NO qualified diplomats any more…..the leadership of our foreign policy is in the hands of amateurs…..

My day is reached its conclusion…..I will rest and be back tomorrow with more great stuff…..chuq


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