Why Conservatives Hate War

I know you think because the someone is associated with the GOP makes them a conservative…..not so.

Most of what people think are conservatives are actually neocons or war mongers in the first degree.

Many conservatives feel the way I do….they are opposed to war especially the wars we are fighting now….open ended war that does little to provide any security to the homeland except in slogan only.

I guess the clods in Congress nowadays would call these conservatives RINOs…..because they love them some slogan that they can use at the next Trump rally of dunces.

The American Conservative had a recent article that covered why conservatives dislike war…..(a good article, BTW)

One of the odder aspects of present-day politics is the assumption that if you are antiwar you are on the left, and if you are conservative you are “pro-war.” Like labelling conservative states red and liberal states blue, this is an inversion of historical practice.

The opposition to America’s entry into both World Wars was largely led by conservatives. Senator Robert A. Taft, the standard-bearer of postwar conservatism, opposed war unless the United States itself was attacked. Even Bismarck, after he had fought and won the three wars he needed to unify Germany, was staunchly antiwar. He once described preventive war, like the one America is being pressured to wage on Iran, as “committing suicide for fear of being killed.”


I am finding as the days go by that I have a lot in common with real conservatives and not those mental midgets RINOs that support Trump and that toad Bannon.


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