Since Fearless Leader has taken over he has been doing things that tend to look like authoritarianism….he trust no one to do their job so he feels that he must do it for them….and Tweeting another perfect way to spread his authoritarianism….but is it so or am I just paranoid?

Apparently someone agree with me…….

Is Donald Trump a threat to democracy? From his executive orders targeting immigrants, to his personal attacks on federal judges (and many others), to his demonization of the media as the “enemy of the American people,” the 45th president’s actions and behavior have alarmedpoliticalobserversof allstripes. Below is a running timeline tracking Trump’s numerous displays of authoritarian tendencies, beginning from the day he was sworn in. Check back regularly for updates, posted from the top down.

What will our politics look like in 3 more years at the end of his first term in office?

But how did our politics go so wrong?

There are lots of reasons American politics went off the rails, but Axios CEO Jim VandeHei breaks out six seminal events in the past 24 years that steered us here:
  1. Newt Gingrich, in the early 1990s, weaponized warfare politics in a methodical and sustained way. In tactics and rhetoric, Gingrich ushered in a good-vs.-evil style that persists today.
  2. Fox News, created in 1996, televised and monetized this hard-edged combat politics. This created the template for MSNBC to do the same on the left, giving both sides a place to fuel and fund rage 24/7. CNN soon went heavy on politics, all day, making governance a show in need of drama.
  3. Facebook and later Twitter, both products of the post-2000 Internet revolution, socialized rage and argument. Now every nut with an opinion could find fans and followers to cheer/egg him or her on. This happened as the middle in politics was officially purged from Congress.
  4. John McCain picking Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 celebritized rage politics. Until that moment, Republicans typically picked conventional, next-in-line candidates. Palin, made for cable and social media, was the precursor to Trump.
  5. Facebook, with command of so much of most voters’ time and attention, algorithm-ized rage starting around 2015. The more emotion you felt and sought, the more the newsfeed machine pumped at you. With no one looking, fake news was born and metastasizing.
  6. Twitter + Trump, igniting in 2016, habitualized and radicalized the moment-by-moment rage and reaction of politicians, voters and the media. This created more froth and more fog, and resulted in a spike of people who don’t believe real news, much less the fake news pulsing through the system.

Politics is growing more personal, polarized and pugnacious. This dynamic is particularly acute on the right. This will likely get worse before it gets better as these trends gain more momentum.

And the country will suffer…..if it continues to exist that is….but who cares about the country?  Party is far more important than this nation.

I am glad I am old for I will not see the demise of this country and if we keep going as we are now then it is only a matter of time before it is gone.

8 thoughts on “Trumpocracy

  1. It seems that all similar western ‘democracies’ are experiencing a rise in ‘spiteful politics’. Name-calling and insult has replaced reasoned argument, and solid policies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. This administration, putting aside no legislative accomplishments, is stripping this nation of all protections put in place to assure our society is safe in breathing it’s air, drinking it’s water, and it’s collective pursuit of happiness. This nation will be digging out of this horror for years.

    1. Hi Roger….I agree that is why in a way I am glad I am old….I hate what will happen to this country in the future while we are trying to right all the Trump wrongs…thanx so much for the comment……have a good weekend….chuq

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