Closing Thought–17Nov17

They are changing the requirements to get into the Army….it looks like mental illness is not a deterrent of military service anymore……

– People with a history of “self-mutilation,” bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced policy enacted in August, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.

The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018. To meet last year’s goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

I question the logic that goes into this decision.  Is the Army hurting so bad that it has to lower its standards to enter?  Is this wise?  What about when the person leaves the Army and the problems that will have to be addressed once a civilian?

This is NOT the best idea they have come up with to increase the amount of people eligible to serve in the Army.

Anyone have a thought on this decision by the Army?

12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Nov17

  1. What’s next? Recruiting sergeants in prisons…
    They have to remember that these people are representing your country, all over the world.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There is absolutely no Army advertising that I can see in the mainstream media.. but they really need to get on the schtick and get creative in their ads.. and get the talent they need. The general mood of the country is that military service is not necessarily all that bad… so there should be no problem getting the talent they need if they emphasize the career positions and patriotism. The Pentagon has big budgets for creative slick top-of-the-line advertising campaigns. No excuse for taking the less capable.

    1. I agree and you are right I have not seen a “be all you can be” ad in a while….they, the Pentagon, just got $700 billion you think they could afford some big time ad men…chuq

  3. The Pentagon.. through the individual branches, also has movie offices from which Hollywood can request some assistance from the military in terms of equipment, access to ships, planes, etc. as long as the screenplays pass scrutiny in not presenting the military in a totally negative light. The recent films out of Hollywood depicting a military theme have all been tear-jerker true story (generally) heroes dying stuff and while those are indeed necessary for a proper social perspective and acknowledgement that death does happen in the military and there are sacrifices being made… the military is in fact not all about delivering death or falling victim to death. Yet.. war movies sell tickets. But I am talking about films in the same theme as Red October, and other plausible fictions. I’ve stopped going to those true story heroes die at the end stuff.
    Point being, I can’t imagine it helps the military meet their quotas by underwriting movies with an end we already know about.

    1. Hollywood does not tell the truth….to sell tickets they zip up the script because real life is too boring…I would imagine the less violent services get the recruits…Air Force and Navy….every one has an idea of what the Army will bring you…..Call of Duty dude! LOL chuq

  4. The Army has been lowering its standards on a regular schedule ever since the Korean War. First it allowed non-regulation haircuts — and then it allowed foreign-born soldiers to wear their turbans — then it allowed women to serve in combat roles where they can be killed right alongside their male counterparts — (something that I am not altogether opposed to) — and then they decided that Transgenders and Homosexuals do not pose a combat risk while dodging bullets and adjusting tampons and lipstick — so yes, the standards have been constantly lowered and will probably continue to be lowered until we see a return to the days when Lovers fight alongside lovers (ala The Green City States) — and Americans in combat will become sitting ducks for soldiers that have actually been trained under discipline and order.

    1. Not everything that you hate is lower standards….in your mind yes but as far as the board goes no….they are looking at mental problems that are allowed now….those were never allowed in the past but are now,,,that is a lower standard that was allowed just once before and that was when we started fight multiple wars….have a lovely Sunday….chuq

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