Trip From Hell–Trump Style

Our Fearless Leader should be landing in DC soon and he will be back on his natural ground with Twitter in one hand and his vitriol in the other…..he can go back to his childish insults of all the displease him.

But let’s look at his international trip…..what did he accomplish with this long trip? A record setting trip.

Did North Korea succumb to his charm?  NO!  Do we have new trading agreements with China?  NO!  Putin denied, according to Trump, that he or his country had anything to do with the hack in 2016.  What the Hell was the purpose of going to the Philippines? To get a few accolades from a demented toad.  He did con Japan into buying a mess of defense weaponry….and that stop in Vietnam….what was accomplished there?  Not much that I could see.

But according to Fearless Leader….it was a helluva trip….

President Trump headed for home Tuesday following an extensive tour of Asia that he said had been “tremendously successful” and had put the world on notice that the “rules have changed” for countries that want to trade with the US. Trump also teased a “major statement” on trade and the trip later this week at the White House, where he’s expected to promote congressional Republicans’ plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code, the AP reports. As Air Force One rolled down the runway in Manila in the Philippines, Trump told reporters traveling with him that “it’s been a really great 12 days.” And on trade, the president said confidently that US trading partners “will be treating us much differently than before.”

“The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion,” he tweeted Tuesday. “The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!” Trump pressed that point on every stop of the grueling tour of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, blaming his predecessors for yawning trade imbalances and declaring that the United States will no longer be taken advantage of under his watch. “We’ve had a tremendously successful trip,” Trump told reporters. “Tremendous amounts of work was done on trade.” Trump said $300 billion in deals had been reached, a sum he predicted would more than triple in a short period of time. He also spoke warmly of the “many good friends” he had made on the trip, including Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Fearless Leader has promised a speech some time this week about his trip and the progress made.  My guess is that the only progress made was he, Trump, got patted on the back by world leaders and that was what this trip was all about.

And afterwards we can have Sarah Huckabee whats-her-name explain what the president has just said…..I am sure it will no be clear and we will need her take the large lies and  shrink them down to smaller lies that are more easily digestible.


7 thoughts on “Trip From Hell–Trump Style

  1. Although I’m Filipino -American, I LOLed at your description of bastard Duterte, ” a demented toad “.

    He’s also the reason why I don’t like so many candidates running for Presidency. There were 5 who ran and at least 3 were strong contenders, but this guy won with just over 25 % .

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