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I have never been a conservative but I can appreciate the intellectual pursuits of conservatives especially in the Age of Trump…….people that call themselves conservatives and worship at the feet of Trump are not conservatives at all….these toads are the true RINOs that they rail against.

These people love America but dislike even hate most Americans.

Time for a change……

Even hardcore conservatives see that the GOP is NOT the party they once believed in……

During a panel discussion on MSNBC’s AM Joy, the token conservative on the show hammered members of the Republican Party for looking the other way while President Donald Trump runs roughshod over laws designed to prevent him from profiting personally from holding office.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin accused Trump of turning the U.S. into a “banana republic.”

True Republicans are of one mind…..time to abandon the GOP………

“It has become necessary to destroy the town in order to save it,” a U.S. military officer may or may not have said of the Vietnamese city of Ben Tre, infested with enemy insurgents, in 1968. Whether or not this statement was true of Ben Tre then, it accurately describes the state of the Republican Party today.

It is necessary to destroy the GOP in order to save it.

The thing we call “Trumpism” — the demagogic politics of white identitarianism — now exists independently of President Trump. Which shouldn’t surprise us, as Trump did not invent Trumpism; he merely harnessed its electoral potential in a way no presidential candidate had before.

Believe it or not there is still some intellectual thought within the conservative movement…..

Reports of conservatism’s brain death are greatly exaggerated. The right is more intellectually vibrant today than it has been in decades—at least since the early 1990s, when Pat Buchanan and Jack Kemp enlivened the conservative debate, and neocons, paleos, and libertarians offered markedly divergent views on how to confront the post-Cold War world. The intellectual vigor of today’s right can best be seen in a number of quarterly journals, particularly in two that represent stark differences in philosophical direction: National Affairs and American Affairs. Though each of the two resists easy ideological labeling, National Affairs has generally been associated with the “reform conservative” movement, while American Affairs is the closest thing there is to a theoretical journal of the populist right.

IT pleases me to know that all is not lost with the election of Trump….the GOP is a hopeless mess of cowards and yes men but the conservative movement is still alive and kicking.

Now they need to reassert themselves in American politics.

Note:  Once again I apologize for having to use the urls tom post articles since WP was dumb enough to get rid of the “Press This” feature which made post articles so damn simple…..but not anymore.  chuq


2 thoughts on “News On The Right

  1. My outsider’s view is that both main parties in America are in a state of flux. Neither has a convincing leader, or policies that will radically improve the lot of the ordinary person. Both are too tied up with big business, foreign interests, and empire-building.
    You could do with a real change, but I doubt you will see it happen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. One note that shows some promise…..a Democratic Socialist was elected to the Virginia House Of Delegates…..a way of the future possibly…..chuq

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