War Just Keeps Rolling On And On

Will this country ever step back from war?

After 16 continuous years of all out war you would think that the country would be become war weary…..nothing is further from the truth…..an actually NO ONE cares that we have been at war for damn near two decades.

I ask the question…will we ever find a way to step back from war?  That would be the job of the Congress and those cowards are too timid to even consider the prospect….but it needs attention….

Goddammit!  Enough is enough!  Time to step back and get a f*cking grip……

President Donald Trump has expanded every aspect of the war on terror he inherited from his two predecessors. In his first nine months Trump has ordered a renewed surge in Afghanistan, increased the tempo of drone strikes, and granted the military greater autonomy. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the Taliban now control or contest more districts than at any point since 2001. And last week four American soldiers died in Niger, an increasingly active front in the war on terror. Americans are now fighting — and dying — in at least eight different countries across the Middle East and Central Asia. The deaths of American forces are a particularly sobering reminder of the war’s high costs and should prompt people to ask whether the costs are worth it.

Unfortunately, the evidence of the past 16 years clearly indicates that the answer is no. Enough time has now passed since 9/11 to reach two important conclusions. First, the threat posed by Islamist-inspired terrorism does not justify such a mammoth effort. Second, the aggressive military strategy the United States has pursued since 2001 has not only failed to reduce the threat of terrorism; it has likely made things worse.


There has got to be a way to end endless war!  Just got to be a way!

Maybe this will do the trick…..

WARS THAT the United States is waging around the world undermine our security by turning entire populations against us and diverting our attention and resources away from urgent needs at home. No, the opposite is true: the United States faces serious threats, and can only protect itself by confronting them wherever they emerge. This debate has divided Americans for more than a century. Congress may soon have a rare opportunity to take one side or the other.


Congress will be the answer?  (raucous laughter heard)

The American Conservative asks the same question…….

The U.S. military has been engaged in hostilities overseas continuously in at least one country for almost sixteen years and has been fighting in multiple countries for most of that time, but the last time Congress voted for an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) was in the fall of 2002 prior to the invasion of Iraq.

Since then, the U.S. has started or participated in new military campaigns in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen without Congressional authorization or debate, and most of these campaigns that began under President Obama continue to this day. Earlier this year, President Trump also ordered a cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces without U.N. or Congressional authorization, and the administration has yet to provide any arguments that the attack on the Syrian government was legally justified.


Those cowards have not got a cajone among all of them…if we depend on Congress for anything then all is LOST!

If anyone differs from my thoughts please tell me what you think…..all opinions are valid and should be discussed.


15 thoughts on “War Just Keeps Rolling On And On

  1. What always stayed with me about the ‘war on terror’ post 9/11, was that they never tackled the country responsible for that attack, Saudi Arabia. Despite positive proof that the Saudis colluded in the attack on the Twin Towers, the US blamed Iraq and Afghanistan, and began wars in those countries embroiling many other western allies in the process. Far better to have removed the despotic regime in Saudi Arabia, and stopped them funding so many other insurgent groups behind the scenes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. You mentioned earlier after I asked, your exit strategy would be to declare a win and just bring the troops home. I had that identical idea as a way to exit Vietnam… just say we won, bring the troops home, formalize relations with whomever takes over, introduce trade. In this case, we should get out, if the Talaban wants the place, go for it. Set up trade deals to mine all those minerals.. win-win for everyone. Let the ghosts of Bin Laden drift away.

  3. I don’t think so as long as it remains a distant war – citizens are not affected each day, they even forget we have a war, ignore it when news of the Middle East airs and rarely if ever discuss it among friends.

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