Our Man In Japan

Our Fearless leader has made it Japan and he and PM Abe went to a Koi pond to do some honors to the fish….but a faux pas ensued….

It’s probably one of the most-repeated phrases when teaching kids about how to feed fish: just a pinch. It’s a directive President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe most definitely did not follow while the two visited the Akasaka palace’s koi carp pond Monday. The Guardian reports that the men began by spooning a bit of food in before “appearing to lose patience” and essentially dumping the contents of the boxes they held into the pond. While some in the media were quick to pounce on Trump for the apparent gaffe, the Guardian notes that video footage shows he was simply imitating Abe’s approach.

After a traditional state dinner in Japan our bubba had to sit on the floor to eat (bet that chapped his ass) and he made a speech about the subject of the day….North Korea…..

President Trump ratcheted up the pressure on North Korea on Monday, refusing to rule out eventual military action and declaring that the US “will not stand” for Pyongyang menacing America or its Asian allies. Trump, in Tokyo on the first stop of his lengthy Asia trip, denounced North Korea as “a threat to the civilized world” and exhorted dictator Kim Jong Un to cease weapons testing like the missiles he has fired over Japanese territory in recent weeks, the AP reports. Though he stood in one of the Asian capitals in range of North Korea’s missiles, Trump didn’t modulate his fiery language, declaring that Pyongyang imperiled “international peace and stability.” “Some people say my rhetoric is very strong, but look what has happened with very weak rhetoric in the last 25 years,” said Trump, who stood with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a Monday news conference.

Abe agreed with Trump’s assessment that “all options are on the table” when dealing with the North and announced new sanctions against several dozen individuals. Though Trump and Abe repeatedly touted their friendship, Trump did complain Japan had been “winning” for decades on the trade front and rebuked the current status, saying trade deals were “not fair and not open.” Trump also pushed Japan to buy more US military equipment after Abe was asked about a report that Trump was disappointed Japan hadn’t shot North Korean missiles out of the sky. “He will shoot ’em out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the [US],” Trump said. Japan’s constitution was revised after World War II to include a clause renouncing war, and the country only spends about 1% of its GDP on defense; Abe has slowly tried to remove some of its constraints.

Abe as echoed some of the military minds in the US by saying when it comes to North Korea all options are on the table…..Trump has made many off-handed remarks about the possibilities of the US destroying North Korea if it does not play ball….

So my question is….is this trip setting up the scenario where the US will eventually attack NK?

The aircraft carriers USS Nimitz, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS Ronald Reagan—three of the most powerful warships in the world—have now converged on the western Pacific in a mighty show of force on the eve of President Trump’s 10-day trip to Asia. The three carriers, along with their accompanying cruisers, destroyers, and submarines—all armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles or other advanced munitions—are capable of raining immense destructive force on any nation targeted by the commander in chief. Not since 2007 has there been such a concentration of US firepower in the Asia-Pacific region. There can be only two plausible explanations for this extraordinary naval buildup: to provide Trump with the sort of military extravaganza he seems to enjoy; and/or to prepare for a pre-emptive military strike on North Korea.


Point number one……air power will not do the trick…..sorry to say but ground forces will have to be used if they want to end this thing once and for all……..

While US officials have repeatedly make clear that their goal with respect to North Korea is denuclearization, Pentagon officials are increasingly willing to admit that they view the “only way” to accomplish that as not just a war, but a full-scale US ground invasion of North Korea.

Officials are a lot less willing to make public what the implications of such a protracted ground war would be, saying an accurate assessment of the losses in such a war would be difficult. It’s not a big secret, however.

At the very least, millions of people would die in this sort of war. The toll could be broad across the entire region, with millions presumed to die in South Korea alone, with Japan and Guam also likely to be targeted, and a “catastrophic” loss of US troops participating in the war.

A number of opponents on the war in Congress are pushing for more public assessments of the consequ4ences of the conflict, saying they believe the American public should know what’s at stake going in. These lawmakers are also keen to make it clear that President Trump cannot unilaterally attack North Korea without Congressional authorization.


Point number two……is the country willing to sacrifice more troops for yet another war?  Or do they just not care?

The American Conservative offers up some saner policies to handle NK…….

There are seven postulates that ought to inform U.S. policy regarding North Korea.

First, our objective. Nothing is more important than to be clear about what we are trying to accomplish. Our purpose should be to provide for our own security and that of our allies, especially South Korea and Japan, while avoiding war. Our purpose should not be regime change in Pyongyang or forcing Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear weapons program. Both of those may be desirable. Neither is worth a large-scale war.


After reading the 7 points I like them a whole lot better than the manure that Trump spreads……

Our man is in Japan and now would be a good time to re-think the bullshit he has said.

He has said he would talk with Kim……

President Trump vowed that he would not talk to Kim Jong-un, cooling off what has become his on-again, off-again cultivation of North Korea’s rogue dictator.

Really?  After all the insults leveled at Kim Jong Il on Twitter does he really think this little dictator will talk with him?  Is this dolt smoking crack?

This was the day in Japan from our Fearless Leader….only 4 more countries to go.

Now on to South Korea and more silly Tweets and slang…….and a screw up or two…….yeppiiee!


3 thoughts on “Our Man In Japan

  1. I don’t really care how much food he gave the fish, and wish the news media would concentrate instead on the re-militarization of Japan, and the possibility of that devastating war happening in the region. A strong military in Japan has only previously ever ended in disaster, after all.
    Some days, that conflict appears to be only a matter of time, but part of me thinks that NK is reluctant to destroy itself to prove a point.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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