Russia Before 1917

A hundred years ago this month lost of stuff is happening….World War One is still raging….the US has  committed troops to the fight against the “Hun”….and one of the most important aspects of history was taking place….the Russian Revolution……..

With financial help from Germany the group lead by Lenin was about to assume power and oust the royals and set up the new Soviet Union.

If you are interested in history then the book is a good place to start if you are remotely interested in Russia and what it became.

Since Russia seems to be in the headlines almost daily maybe a little knowledge on what is what and who became who…..

An excerpt from ”October: The Story of the Russian Revolution.”

In the final years of the nineteenth century, the state pours resources into its infrastructure and industry, including an immense program of railway building. Great crews drag iron rails across the country, hammering them down, stitching the limits of the empire together. The Trans-Siberian Railway. “Since the Great Wall of China the world has seen no one material undertaking of equal magnitude,” breathes Sir Henry Norman, a British observer. For Nicholas [II, tsar of Russia], the building of this transit route between Europe and East Asia is a “sacred duty.”

Russia’s urban population soars. Foreign capital flows in. Huge industries arise around St Petersburg, Moscow, the Donbass region in Ukraine. As thousands of new workers struggle to eke out livings in cavernous plants under desperate conditions, subject to the contemptuous paternalism of their bosses, the labor movement takes unsteady steps forward. In 1882, the young Grigory Plekhanov, later to be Russia’s leading socialist theorist, joins the legendary Vera Zasulich herself, the failed assassin of Trepov, to found Osvobozhdenie truda, Liberation of Labor — the first Russian Marxist group.

Source: Russia Before 1917: Imperial Schemes, Doomed Royals and Young Marxists

After 1917 the world would be changed forever……just as WW1 changed the world……so did the  birth of the USSR.


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