Putin This, Russia That

On 26 December 1991 the USSR cease to exist and enter the Russian Republic(?).

Russia was experimenting with democracy  that brought Boris Yeltsin to power as head of the new Republic…….they had a few elections and tried to make democracy work…..but things did not go as planned……and out of the ashes of a budding democracy rose the specter that is Putin.

How Russia’s democratic hopes gave way to repressive nationalism.

In 1997, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, the Clinton administration’s lead official on all matters Russia, gave a speech at Stanford University on American policy toward Moscow. He admitted, in not so many words, that persuading the erratic President Boris Yeltsin to keep on course with economic reform and progress toward democracy was a daunting task. But Talbott declared himself optimistic nonetheless. His main reason, he said, was “generational,”

or to be even more blunt, biological. The dynamic of what is happening in Russia today is not just Westernizers versus Slavophiles; it is also young versus old—and the young have a certain advantage in at least that dimension of the larger struggle.

Source: Why Democracy Didn’t Work in Russia | New Republic

How did Putin take control and just what is Putinism?

An excellent piece in the Journal Of Democracy….here on pdf…….

What is Putinism?
M. Steven Fish is professor of political science at the University of
California–Berkeley. His works include
Are Muslims Distinctive?
A Look at the Evidence
(2011) and
Democracy Derailed in Russia: The
Failure of Open Politics
A quarter-century after the demise of the Soviet regime, Russia again
presents a powerful challenge to global liberalism and to the Western
democratic community. Ambitious military modernization, aggres-
sion in the post-Soviet neighborhood, intervention in the Middle East,
the construction of a global propaganda network, support for despots
abroad, and brazen interference in …..(.read more)
To deal with Putin we must know Putin……make speeches and slogans about what a super guy he is it is better to know the real person and not some stylized character.



5 thoughts on “Putin This, Russia That

  1. The collapse of the old Soviet Union was a disaster for most ordinary Russians, especially the poorer workers. Many see Putin as the man who restored their former national pride, and put Russia back where they think it belongs.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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