Betraying The Veteran (Again)

For too long the American veteran has been a prop for the political parties….veterans are rolled out whenever they want to project this air of patriotism and then are quickly kicked to the curb and pushed aside.

And it has been that way for 50+ years and nothing ever changes….the vets are lied to, promised, used and discarded like broken tools….one of America’s biggest sources of propaganda.

This President and this Congress are NO different from the past…….

Despite vowing to support America’s veterans, President Donald Trump and congressional Republican leaders have put forth budget proposals that are poised to do great damage to the economic security of veterans and their families—all to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and corporations.1 In fact, new analysis by the Center for American Progress reveals that the tax cuts Trump wants to give corporations and businesses, which will cost $4.3 trillion over 10 years, amount to 28 times as much as the deep cuts he is proposing to services and benefits for veterans.2

And these cuts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite the common belief to the contrary, veteran-specific benefits and services fall short of meeting the needs of veterans and their families, many of whom struggle to meet basic needs even with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supports.3 More than 3.9 million veterans live paycheck to paycheck—meaning their family incomes are less than twice the federal poverty level, or less than $50,000 for a family of four.4 Yet new CAP analysis reveals that if Trump’s proposed cuts to key job training programs were applied directly to program participation, more than 340,000 veterans could lose access to critical employment services that help boost wages.

Source: 5 Ways President Trump and Congressional Republicans Are Betraying Veterans – Center for American Progress

Our veterans deserve so much more than this country is willing to give them….the country asked….they went… they are ignored.

Ignored that is until the powers need another prop to trot out to lather up the base.

7 thoughts on “Betraying The Veteran (Again)

  1. This post makes me conjure up one for myself. In my own way of trying to seek remedies to our national problems through trying to research origins, I first asked myself four questions… 1. Why do veterans feel slighted by their country?, 2. Why is government (Congress?) always seemingly “playing” with existing veteran’s benefits as a way to achieve some fiscal goal, regardless of administration? (it seems government apathy is one of the truly non-partisan “efforts”) 3. Why does the public seem to be luke warm at best in pushing for veteran relief programs? and… 4. What role does the Pentagon play in all this, and should it play a role at all?

    As WW2 was winding down and victory was apparent Congress in 1944 passed the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act… more commonly called the G.I. Bill of Rights. Assistance being provided to returning servicemen for continued education, low interest mortgage loans, job training, etc. Part of that was not to repeat how vets from WW1 were treated (far worse than these days). You will recall that WW2 was the “good” war… the last one that we won.

    We often lament all the “lessons” learned from our Vietnam experience.. well, maybe one we don’t readily see is a fickle American public equating crappy foreign policy, with un-winnable long-term conflicts, with the soldiers who have engaged in them as constant public reminders when they return home.

    Perhaps any “renaissance” for the veteran has to start with the public… and not through D.C. politics.

  2. Veterans are always the last in line when it comes to receiving benefits of any kind and it seems the Congress is often more than willing to cut those benefits on whims and for reasons that completely escape me but I am holding my head above the water right now and I am getting the healthcare I need … It might all change in the future but for right now it is alright …I am grateful for what I get …. I am happy to have served …I have to agree with your assessments on this one!

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