Will She Ever Shut Up?

She is back!

Just when you thought it was safe to read the news……you then have your Johnson banged into a door.

I am talking about Hillary Clinton.  She is back and with a new book telling the world about her place in the world during the 2016 election and of course assigning blame for her overwhelming loss.

NO!  I have not read the book and will never….but apparently she does what she and all her cronies have been doing since the vote count….blaming Bernie and his supporters for her loss.

Letter to the editor: 

Hillary Clinton blaming Sen. Bernie Sanders for her loss is deeply offensive and beyond the pale.

Millions of citizens from all walks of life (myself included) supported Sanders passionately because we loved the positions he was willing to fight for and the fact that he was not beholden to wealthy corporate donors.

Clinton represents everything that is wrong with the political class in this country, in both the Democratic and Republican parties, which have lost touch with the real needs and cries of the people they’re supposed to represent. I sincerely hope that Sanders joins the growing movement for a viable new progressive party.

With her latest blame game, Clinton has only further alienated every true progressive who didn’t support her to begin with.

Lydia Johnson; Roanoke, Va.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has spent years in Congress as an independent, not helping the Democratic Party much. But when Democrats put forth a woman, he pushed his way into the Democratic primary. Sanders has no allegiance to the Democratic Party and has done damage by bringing out the whining kids. I am not a fan.

— Victoria Kugler

I voted for Clinton, but in the primary I wanted Sanders. One problem was that Democrats had Clinton anointed.

— Karen Benson

Clinton blames Donald Trump, Sanders and just about everything and everyone for her failed run for the White House. How about looking in the mirror? She did not campaign very hard. She did not visit key states. She lost in the final weeks. She thought she had it in the bag. The ultimate example of entitlement.

— Sharon Raguckas

She is a typical arrogant politician……she just cannot bring herself to look at her terrible candidacy ans the reason she lost…..she had NO message but that has been the problem with most Dems since 2008….they have NOTHING to offer the American people.

I know it is a bitter pill to swallow….but do it anyway….you lost….stop whining and go spend some of your money…..

Time for her and her cronies to step aside and let the Dems get on with finding a message that will resonate with the American people….doing it the Clinton way is a dead issue.

Will she ever shut up?


11 thoughts on “Will She Ever Shut Up?

  1. This needed to be said. She makes herself more and more of a liability to the entire Democratic Party every time she opens her mouth and throws red meat to the Trumpian masses by confirming their biases with her tone deaf mantras of “why did I lose?” as opposed to “what can we do moving forward?”

  2. I’m passing on this one; too easy….Could go comedy, or psychiatry, or, just morality, but, who cares? & why pay her any attention at all?


      1. LOL… For some reason, your comment brought her face to mind alongside the Trumpette’s face… Ever notice how much alike they look? Especially when they have that huge insincere smile on their face? Hilarious!….


  3. I think Bill Maher summed it up best in his show and tweet in December 2016 (trying to find the video link, no luck): “Seeing Hillary speaking yesterday: Thank you, and Bill, for over 30 yrs of service. And now I never want to see either one of you ever again.” The Democratic party isn’t the Clinton Party, or damn well shouldn’t be anymore. Pass the torch to the new generation.

  4. The ego of such people is phenomenal. They have to be in the public eye. They never have enough money, and they seek adoration around every corner. Pathetic.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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