Can Conservatism Be Reclaimed?

Today the Congress returns to work from their vacation for Labor Day… would be a good time for them to take control of their party and their agenda….force Trump to work with them.

In the era of Trump conservatism has taken a hard hit…..gone are the days of a conservative agenda.

What we have now is an attempt by the president to kill the American political society.

There are some cracks showing through…..the GOP has been doing whatever Trump wants but now their are a few Repubs that want to reclaim their party and their agenda…but what they must do……

The way congressional Republicans could demonstrate seriousness about distancing themselves from distasteful aspects of the Trump administration would be to take some legislative action on those aspects. Here are some possibilities:

  • Congress could pass a law creating a special prosecutor position to investigate Russia issues with a fixed term, so Trump couldn’t arbitrarily fire Robert Mueller.
  • It could take up some of the suggestions of former Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub to give the OGE more independence and statutory authority to force changes.
  • Legislators could pass a law mandating meaningful financial disclosure from presidents and presidential candidates, and a companion law requiring presidents and vice presidents to follow conflict of interest laws that apply to other White House staff.
  • They could tighten anti-nepotism laws so that a president’s clearly unqualified children are not acting in an official government capacity regardless of their salary situation.
  • They could restore funding that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security eliminated for de-radicalization programs aimed at white nationalists.
  • Congressional committees could hold hearings on the potential threat of white nationalist groups to the country.
  • Republican members of Congress could make their anti-Trump statements on Fox News and conservative talk radio outlets, delivering the message to the people who need to be persuaded that Trump is wrong rather than simply distancing themselves from him in the eyes of mainstream audiences.


These steps alone would not save their precious agenda….but it would help establish them in a leadership role for the country.  Their agenda is threatened by corruption, in bed with neo-Nazis, the Russia thing, all diversions hanging over Trump’s head.

While I was never a fan of the conservative agenda I am less o over the Trump agenda (whatever the Hell it is)……


5 thoughts on “Can Conservatism Be Reclaimed?

  1. Every American tourist I’ve been talking to since November 16 has been deeply against Trump… Here in Munich it seems that nobody had voted for him. Astonishing that this guy became President. 😉

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