Is The Toxicity Terminal?

Why are so many looking to the 2020 election?

We have a president Trump….to some he is a godsend….to others he is the anti-Christ…..his presidency is toxic too many hanging fruit for the media to chase and yet they persist on thinking ahead to 2020….

Is Trump too toxic to be re-elected if he decides to run?

President Trump is historically unpopular. His overall approval ratings languish at around 37 percent, and his specific actions often poll even lower. (On the eve of the Joe Arpaio pardon, just 21 percent of Arizonans favored such a move.)

As Trump moves ever-further into the toxic swamps of the far-right, his numbers keep sinking. If this keeps up, Trump will end up having to bow out of the 2020 race or face the prospect of losing to any halfway competent Democrat in a landslide … right?

Source: Trump is toxically unpopular. He still might win in 2020.

So thinking about this realistically what do you think?  Yes or no?  Can he pull his presidency out of the crapper to be re-elected in 2020?


12 thoughts on “Is The Toxicity Terminal?

  1. who knows… so much crazy stuff coming out of nowhere all the time.

    I wonder how this looks from the point of view of the Republican party: Can they nominate someone else more appealing in the general election, without alienating Republican Primary voters?

  2. I haven’t seen a candidate being touted to oppose him by the Democrats. It still seems more likely that he will get tired of the job, and may not stand in 2020. Then again, it may depend if there are new wars to deal with first.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Actually, for all the reasons you stated above.. and more, but that’s overkill.
    I was just making a mental observation.. if those 800,000 Dreamers being cast out into the wilderness would actually collectively organize.. that’s a damn formidable organization. I mean, think of it, chuq… each one of these young people fit the demographic that would be totally effective as a grass roots organization to be a pain in the ass to any politician. These are all young people, most are college grads or in college, many are already career professionals or on their way.. these are driven people, totally American as any true American.. and someone is forcing them out of the country. These people will fight back and could very well cost Trump any glimmer or even hopeful inkling of making a difference in 2020… even beyond him only having 37% favorability. These kids could end up being the third party.

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