In Defense Of Cigarettes

Sunday’s always come too soon….just one more day of mental clarity before I return to the world of insanity and clowning around.

I know smoking is a disgusting habit…..but so is stupidity.

I still smoke (a gasp went up across the room)…..because of my injuries I had to give up most of my vices….drinking, chasing women, etc….but the one that I refuse to quit is smoking.

Nothing is better than that first cup of coffee and a cigarette….so any time I see an article about smoking that does not offer my brain on drugs or a black lung looming at me from within a jar….I take notice.

This is a op-ed from the Weekly Standard…..

Dear Matt,

I had this thought that America was more civil when everyone smoked. You learned from an early age that people will do something you don’t like but there wasn’t much you could do other than walk away. Then smokers became not just people doing something others don’t like, but bad people whose second hand smoke (allegedly) kills. Nowadays, anyone who disagrees with you isn’t just different or misguided, they are a bad person who must be ostracized/destroyed. Thoughts?

Charles Zambori, Dallas, TX

His response……

Source: In Defense of Cigarettes | The Weekly Standard

There are so many things that I find disgusting….most people that wear yoga pants, wine in a box, the coconut water craze and everything to do with nationalism….if not for cigs I would be in prison as a mass murderer….

I would like to thank all those people that hold their breathing while I smoke…your sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

Enough said for the day…back tomorrow with a bagful of stuff….but today there is a couple of buffalo steaks and baked potato and a great red wine waiting for my dining enjoyment.

Have a day my friends…..chuq


10 thoughts on “In Defense Of Cigarettes

  1. I smoked heavily until I was 60 years old. Lucky Strike was my brand of choice. I smoked anywhere I could, and anytime I wanted to. When smoking was banned in public places like bars, we stood outside to smoke. One of my non-smoking friends used to join us. She told me, “The smokers are more fun, and also more interesting company.”
    I gave up because of the increasing cost, once I had retired, and had a third of the income. A carton of cigarettes would cost me almost £100 now, and only last a week. I switched to vaping, and so did my wife. It is so much cheaper, though not the same of course. No Zippo to click, relying on a charged battery, etc. If cigarettes were only £10 a carton, would I have stopped? Unlikely…Light one for me, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’ve determined the two remaining vices I need to eliminate include sugar, and tobacco smoking. I’ve smoked for 50 years now, so the novelty has since worn off; now all I need to do is find the wherewithal to will myself past the addiction to nicotine, & be done with it…

    Sure I will. Coffee with no sugar, and no cigarette…. Hardly seems worthwhile to give up the extreme pleasure of the morning simply for a few more years of watching the world go to shit… Ah, well, I’ll think about that tomorrow, right? Right….

    Have a good Sunday, bro; I’m gonna go join the world of wonder inhabited by a two-year old little girl…. Whats the wine to go with your steak? The right one can make it ambrosial, but, even the wrong one makes it better than without….


      1. A good Cab sounds exactly right for buffalo steak…. On a short break; thank goodness for naps…. I think I could make it without the smokes, as I can sub that with cannabis, with no bad effects. But, I don’t believe I’ll ever even consider no coffee… The world is NOT prepared to deal with me sans the bean…

        Enjoy that dinner; sounds like perfection….


  3. I smoked 4 cartons of non-filter cigarettes per month for more than 60 years and I quit completely and have never looked back …. It has been 5 years now since I quit. The cigarettes I used to smoke are nearing $9 per pack now ($90 per carton) and I am saving $360 per month ….and feeling much better ….can breathe again.

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