Looking At The Top Of Their Head

It is another weekend and more time to stray from the politics of the day….for at least a couple of days….

Go out to a family restaurant some time and watch the people at their tables…..how many are avoiding talking and instead are looking at some electronic screen or another?

Teenagers seem to be the worse….but did you know that it could be hazardous to their mental health?

The number of ways in which the smartphone has made our lives easier is vast. Whether it’s using Shazam to identify a song on the radio or having a sophisticated camera at the ready 24/7, the smartphone era ushered in by the iPhone has fundamentally changed the way the world uses and interacts not only with technology but also with each other. While there is no shortage of examples that illustrate how the smartphone has improved our lives, a more interesting and novel thought experiment would have us explore some of the more detrimental side effects associated with our collective addiction to smartphones and society’s unending need to constantly stay connected.

Tackling this very topic, a fascinating piece from Jean M. Twenge of The Atlantic articulates that adolescents who have grown up in a world dominated by smartphones are more prone to a variety of mental health problems than adolescents from previous generations. Twenge categorizes kids born between 1995 and 2012 under a group she calls iGen and the problems she’s seen in these kids — who have never known a life without the internet — transcends gender, class and ethnicity.

Source: Smartphones are causing a mental health crisis in teens | New York Post

I am so glad that my granddaughter has found that she enjoys board games with the old guy….plus she is in the school band and she enjoys books.

Now go and enjoy the beginning of your weekend….be well, be safe….chuq


4 thoughts on “Looking At The Top Of Their Head

  1. I doubt we need an academic to make us realise the impact of portable devices on the development of social skills. From the advent of the Walkman cassette player, to the current trend for wearable devices and small tablets, life for the younger generation has become something acted out with headphones, and on screens, rather than in person. I can recall one of my twin step-daughters sending her sister a text message from the garden to inside the house, asking her to bring out a drink. Now that same girl is almost 28, and her 3 year-old son has unlimited use of her tablet. At least he still looks at books, something to be thankful for.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. OMG – Kids today! All they want to do is: listen to the Victrola and dance that jass; They are talking on the partyline phone all night long; They are just skateboarding 24/7; They are constantly writing on clay tablets, instead of listening to poets; They are playing with bows and arrows instead of old school spears! I even saw a kid roller blading with two Sony radios strapped to his head – OMG

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