Standing On The Precipice

It has never been a secret that I am a staunch critic of all the wars that our presidents have thrown the nation into fighting.

Our leaders for the past few decades have bot been shy about throwing the US into a war….most times they could have not been fought but with the use of good propaganda they have convinced the population that those conflicts are absolutely necessary.

And a few of these “small wars” have turned into a national nightmare that has been fought for at least 16 years.

We have a new president and nothing has changed….all the chest thumping and the propaganda are once again in use…..against North Korea, Iran while others are just simmering…..waiting for the proper time to boil over.

Trump’s popularity is suffering a bit and what better way to get back into the good graces of the people?

Trump should be mindful that superficially limited military engagements have a nasty tendency to morph into honest-to-goodness full-blown wars.

President Donald Trump has struggled in his first six months on the job. His signature legislative goals—from Obamacare repeal to the border wall—are stuck in Congress. He has managed to push through some initiatives via executive action, but these have been thwarted or delayed by the courts.

Desperate for a win, the president may be tempted to initiate a war. After all, Trump’s decision to launch missile strikes against Syria in April won him praise and support—even from some of his harshest critics.

Source: Is America Standing On the Precipice of Another War? | The National Interest Blog

If the country is standing there waiting….maybe there is something our president should do before throwing the full weight of the military at a problem.

In a real war, nations or organized non-state actors square off against each other. A metaphorical war is like a real war — after all, that’s what a metaphor is, a way of saying that one thing is like something else — but the enemy isn’t a country or even a single group of Islamic jihadists. It’s some other kind of threat: a disease, a social problem, or in the case of the war on terror, an emotion.

Source: When All the World’s a War… | By Rebecca Gordon | Common Dreams

It is time for the country to demand an end to all these wars!  This country has invested more than enough of our children in the pursuit of war.



11 thoughts on “Standing On The Precipice

  1. Nothing distracts the Hoi Polloi like a war.
    Just look at Margaret Thatcher. She forged her reputation by sending troops to The Falklands.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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