Those Damn High Drug Prices

The health care debate is silent for now….but it will return if Congress has its way……

Whenever the subject of a health care bill comes up one of the first issues they talk about but never do anything about is that of the High Cost of Drugs.

But who can we blame for the high costs?

First of all Bill Clinton…..and then on from him….

Why do Americans continue to pay the highest prices for medicine in the world? The answer lies in the fact that lawmakers have sculpted specific policies, often not found in many other nations, that boost pharmaceutical industry profits. Meanwhile, the drug industry has spent $61 million on state elections and nearly $67million on federal elections since 2010.

Amid rising public anger over the issue, Republican President Donald Trump campaigned for president on a promise to reduce drug prices — and, as recently as Monday, excoriated Merck & Co. CEO Ken Frazier, demanding that he “LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!” Democrats, in the meantime, have long depicted themselves as fight-for-the-little-guy populists crusading against pharmaceutical industry fat cats.

However, key players from both parties have made pivotal decisions at the federal and state levels that have kept drug prices high — and pharmaceutical industry profit margins wide. As part of International Business Times’ ongoing coverage of the fight over drug prices, what follows is a look at six of those individuals, and how their actions have shaped America’s prescription drug market.

Source: Why Are Drug Prices So High? These Politicians Might Have The Answer

Now you know why we pay more for drugs than anyone in the world and thanx to the system these people set up….we will always pay more than they are worth.

Who will step up and make the high cost of drugs a priority?  The Dems?  Of maybe the GOP?


5 thoughts on “Those Damn High Drug Prices

  1. I believe that this system is too firmly entrenched in American society for any change to happen. The drug companies are large employers, as well as contributing to the political parties that help their interests. They are also a massive part of your export industry, as well as being one of the cornerstones of ‘globalisation’ policy. Anything done now would undoubtedly be too little, too late.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Why are prices so high? Easy. The entire system of pricing, that is to say, assigning a value to a product, whether drugs, medical services, cars, sports entertainment, foods, etc. is ALL artificial. It all operates on ONE simple principle, an old adage people tend to minimize & forget, which says, prices are set to be as high as the market will bear. The problem is not with those who set the prices; they have always inflated the worth of anything. The problem is with the consumers, who accept what they are told without questioning any of it, thus paving the way for dishonest politicians, who are safely in the pockets of the lobbyists for big business, to spout off how hard they’re working to bring prices down, while simultaneously enacting laws allowing prices to rise without any interference from the pesky consumers….

    It won’t change until the system falls apart, which it is in the process of doing; capitalism ALWAYS collapses under its own weight, if allowed to grow without considering the consequences….

    But, ignorance ensures it can only follow its prescribed path, until everyone pays the price….

    Better, I think, to learn how to stay off the grid as much as possible, only playing the game so far as to keep from annoying the myrmidons or one’s neighbors….

    gigoid, the dubious

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