The Other D-Day

World War 2 in Europe

Our greatest generation is slowly disappearing…..most of us know about D-Day and to some small way the battle for Italy which started in North Africa and then onto Sicily and the then the mainland.

But how many of my readers have ever heard of Operation Dragoon?

Operation Dragoon was conceived almost simultaneously with Operation Overlord, the June 6. 1944 Normandy Invasion but, was shelved until the allies were assured of Overlord’s success. From the onset, Winston Churchill was vehemently opposed to the campaign. Churchill favored increased prosecution of the Italian campaign and securing the Balkan oil producing regions. Denial of these regions to the Germans and to the Red Army reinforced Churchill’s distain and mistrust of the Soviets and saw this as an advantageous negotiating tool in a post-war Europe.

Overruled by the Allied Command Chiefs of Staff, Churchill begrudgingly acquiesced. The key to the campaign’s absolute success was securing the much needed ports of Toulon and Marseilles. The Allies having a northern and southern supply line in France would trap the Germans in a pincer movement and drive them back into the Rhineland.

Source: Operation Dragoon: The Forgotten D-Day | Human Events

This Operation is of special interest to me for I had an uncle that fought up Italy and onto the shore of Southern France in Operation Dragoon.

This theater of WW2 gets very little attention……less than it deserves.

History lesson has been delivered…..keep the memories alive!

Class dismissed!


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