Its The Farts!

Most people on WP have a cat or a dog and they post on their antics, moods, photos ……(I’ll get back to our furry friends in a moment)……

Awhile back there was a theory floated out there that the dinosaurs because of their immense size and their diet were allowing massive amounts of methane into the air….more simply…the did a lot of farting.

Then there was the theory that all the cows across the globe were farting constantly and thus the methane level was rising across the world.

Now back to the cats and the dogs……

A UCLA professor isn’t saying anyone who cares about the environment should get rid of their beloved pet dog and/or cat. But he’s not not saying that either. It’s widely accepted that eating meat is bad for the environment for a number of reasons, and it turns out our pets eat a whole lot of meat—in fact a country comprised only of the US’ cats and dogs would place fifth in global meat consumption, according to a press release. Professor Gregory Okin was interested in the environmental impacts of our pets and—in a paper published Wednesday in PLOS One—calculates that American cats and dogs create about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide per year due to eating meat. That’s equivalent to the yearly output of 13.6 million cars. “The numbers are surprisingly large,” he tells the Sacramento Bee.

All told, cats and dogs account for 25% to 30% of the environmental impact of meat consumption in the US. Okin says that’s “huge.” And yet, he’s “not saying people should go out and kill their animals or feed them something that isn’t appropriate”—like an all-veggie diet. Okin does identify a number of possible ways to lessen the problem: people could transition to vegetarian pets, such as hamsters, birds, and chickens (which have the added benefit of providing protein for their owners); the pet food industry could get more sustainable and find alternate sources of protein; and, according to the Santa Monica Mirror, pet owners can make sure they’re not over-feeding their dogs and cats.

If the climate is changing then these “scientists” want to blame our furry friends.

Does not matter to me….my two dogs may fart as much as they like….please just do it another room.

Time for some figs, bleu cheese and honey…..the grill will be busy today…..I will be making a hand made pizza….a meat lovers of course…….be well, be safe…..chuq


12 thoughts on “Its The Farts!

  1. I wouldn’t have to take a hamster for a walk in the rain, I suppose. But it wouldn’t exactly be company, either.
    I think I will stick with Ollie, and let the next generations worry about the future. After all, I had enough to worry about, growing up in the 1950s…
    Regards, Pete.

  2. It seems to me that maybe a good application for that artificial meat they tried out a few years ago would be for pets. That would definetly reduce the impact on the environment.

    1. I do not think it will work on my dog…she knows the difference between bacon and those “beggin’ strips”…..she has a discriminating palate…LOL chuq

  3. Great post; I smiled the whole way through to this point…. I’ll forgo commenting, as too many little puns keep coming to mind…

    I’ll merely note, of COURSE it’s a large number; humans aren’t the only animal on the planet of which there are many too many, more than the planet has ever had to support, as far as we can tell… but, then, considering overpopulation to be a factor in environmental issues is too close to actual thinking for most folks to undertake, lest they get a headache….

    Just be careful lighting matches in a field of cows…


  4. Ironically, “converting” a meat eater into one that eats a more vegetable-based diet would result in a higher output of poots because of lower digestibility . Also, a cat would suffer health issues (blindness among other things) if fed an all-vegetarian diet. I have a vegan friend who feels guilty for having cats, yet she religiously prepares their all-meat diets for them, and will always have cats in her life.

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