A Team of Sycophants?

Back in the day Lincoln put together a government with rivals (Whigs, Free Soilers, Dems, etc)……Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 marked the first time a Republican was elected president. Having no experience in national affairs and facing a crisis of enormous proportions, Lincoln strategically filled his cabinet with the men who had opposed him for the nomination and who were his political rivals. Formed from a disparate coalition of Whigs, Democrats, Free Soilers, easterners, westerners, northerners, radicals, and conservatives, the new Republican political party mirrored the men who served in Lincoln’s cabinet.

I bring this up because Pres. Trump has not done anything resembling a forward thinking move that Lincoln did.  Instead he found a team of sycophants.

Oh, my bad……to you supporters of Mr. Trump…..sycophant means a servile self-seeking flatterer…..if that is a bit too deep for your mental capabilities then how about…..ass kisser, boot licker or brown noser….got it now?

Trump could have done as Lincoln did….put together a government of people that would illustrate his “independence” from political parties…..but instead he found those people that would do as told and do whatever it took to stay in the good graces of the president…the country means NOTHING to these people.

Other are more polite…they are calling this the Vanity Cabinet……

But watch the love fest for yourself……

This is pathetic that he felt the necessity to air this ass kissing episode….some things are better left in private.

I think to air a cabinet meeting that is actually accomplishing something would be a better use of their time…..but I am starting to doubt that this is possible.

After I wrote this draft Trump has hired a new communications director and pushed Spicer out the door.

He could not have picked a better sycophant….in his first press briefing he tells the world that he loves Trump no less than 14 times in one briefing…..

Watch the vid in the link below……

Source: Scaramucci Announced He ‘Loves’ Trump 14 Times | Crooks and Liars

His nickname is “The Mooch”…….need I say more?

(Moot point….. after 6 days The Mooch is gone…..not even being a boot licker can save you in the Trump WH)

Kinda embarrassing to watch a pack of ass kissers at work….but what do we expect from the man in the White House?


7 thoughts on “A Team of Sycophants?

  1. They are depressed-looking. Even the President signing this new immigration bill this morning… not one grin in the bunch and the Prez himself looks pissed at the world.

    Regarding the ass-kissers… the most juvenile and absurd display of “sucky-pants” was that first cabinet meeting when all those grown adults had to go around the table proclaiming their loyalty and kiss the ring.

    1. The prez is pissed that he has to sign the sanctions thing….he has barred the press from filming the occasion…..that is why I included the vid of the kiss fest…LOL chuq

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