Mississippi–Is It 1950?

Speaking of Mississippi…….

When I write about the racial tensions that still exist in my state, Mississippi, many people think I am making it all up…..

If only they knew……

This is just one area where the racial bias is happening….but not the only area…..

For generations, black residents of Canton, Mississippi have lived under siege from a heavy-handed sheriff’s department. Now the ACLU is suing the system.

The sheriff’s deputy has his hand around Khadafy Manning’s neck. Manning, a 35-year-old black man, is standing rod straight, or at least as straight as someone with a debilitating spinal injury can, with his hands cuffed behind his back, dressed in his underwear, asking why he is being humiliated in his own living room.

“Officer, please. Why are you handling me like this?”

“Because you ain’t acting right,” the deputy responds.

Source: Police Roadblocks Are Rights-Free Zones In Madison County, Mississippi – Reason.com

There should be a sign on the highways that lead into Mississippi and they should read….

“Welcome to Mississippi

Set Your clocks back 150 years.”


8 thoughts on “Mississippi–Is It 1950?

  1. Mississippi — I lived there for a year back in 1963/64 — great people — great food — great atmosphere — Biloxi was exciting — Loved the beach — loved the Live Oaks — Loved the prawns, the hush-puppies, the grits — didn’t much like the summer heat — got used to it — Loved the history — loved the ambiance — what’s not to love about Mississippi?

  2. I think you mentioned, previously, the reason Mississippi falls behind the rest of the country, I.e. an overall primitive level of basic intelligence in the population of the state… By reading all the attached article, it becomes clear why the state is being sued, rather than other states, & that is simply because they are too blatant in their racism’s target, & don’t hide the bigotry, and racial biases of the white majority population as well as in other states… The ACLU, as the article suggests, finds this sort of police bias all over the US, with mentions of investigations into similar issues in Baltimore, and other cities around the country. I can personally attest I see it in a lot of cities right here in California… The problem isn’t confined to Mississippi, it’s just easier to see there, right out in the view of everyone who might watch….

    When it comes to bigotry, most humans aren’t more than two steps away from the cave, little more than a naked, ignorant savage quaking in fear at the wind and rain…. and squabbling with each other over irrelevant bullshit like skin color

    gigoid, the dubious

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