House Committee Votes to Repeal AUMF

Holy Crap!

I never thought that I would live to see the day when a GOP led House Committee voted to repeal AUMF……

House Committee Votes to Repeal AUMF, Ruled ‘Out of Order’| Republican leaders argue vote cripples terror war, shouldn’t count.

In a stunning move, the House Appropriations Committee today approved an amendment to the massive military spending bill offered by Rep. Barbara Lee (D – CA). The amendment, passed in a voice vote, and would repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

Source: House Committee Votes to Repeal AUMF, Ruled ‘Out of Order’ – News From

It is still NOT a done deal….but one helluva step forward.

5 thoughts on “House Committee Votes to Repeal AUMF

  1. Not having an AUMF didn’t stop Vietnam, or Korea, or any of a number of wars we are STILL engaged in; what makes anyone believe this will stop them? Let’s try some reality folks; war will continue as long as there is profit to be made…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. In the HIGHLY unlikely event Congress repeals the Authorization for the Unending Use of Military Force (AUUMF) is repealed…you’re still right. It’s even more unlikely this will “stop them”.

      However, since ALL of the American Empire’s current wars, non-war-wars, global mass surveillance, etc. are “authorized” & “justified” by the AUUMF, it will undercut their ability to rationalize their actions. That might take their foot off the accelerator, so to speak. Sadly, in this day & age, a lack of worsening counts as a “major victory”. At the very least, they’ll have to invent a new rationalization for global total war. Hell, they might even have to follow official procedure. (ie Congress declaring specific wars on specific nations.)

      However, I give less than a 0.5% chance of AUUMF being repealed within the next 20 years, if ever. It’s FAR more likely this is the last time repealing it will ever be discussed in Washington.

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