What About Military Blunders?

I recently wrote a post about Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, and since that wound up being a total disaster I started thinking about other military blunders….disasters that accomplished little and cost the lives of many.

Let’s look at the last 100 years or so…….

The first one that I thought about was a battle in World War One…..Gallipoli.  An operation attempted by the allies to take on the Ottoman Empire….it was a total bust….

British General Sir Ian Hamilton might not have been a full-fledged ass, but he was certainly a bumbling Ferdinand the bull—shy, courteous and overly accommodating. Unfortunately, Lord Kitchener, Britain’s Secretary of State for War, gave him command of the 1915 invasion of Gallipoli—the amphibious landings by British, French and ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops intended to take Turkey, a German ally, out of the war. The campaign demanded an assertive, tactically brilliant, take-charge commander. Instead, the Allies got a kindly uncle who really didn’t want to interfere with his brigadier nephews.

There were others……

Source: The Worst Battlefield Blunders: Five Battles That Ended Badly | HistoryNet

These battles are seldom brought when the study of war is taught….basically because they were failures and few want to know about the military’s failures.

Your history lesson is complete……more to come (insert heavy sighs)…

Class dismissed.

10 thoughts on “What About Military Blunders?

    1. Lee had listen to Longstreet and by passed Gettysburg and attacked DC he would have problem taken the city …but he wanted to make a stand….disastrous….chuq

  1. Well.. war in general is a blunder of diplomacy. While WW2 was the Great Crusade to liberate from fascism, it was loaded with smaller military blunders. In fact, it’s not uncommon for blunders to occur when making peace.
    Hmmm… our president is a blunder.. in fact, one could argue all of humanity is a blunder.

    1. small blunders do not make the books….large ones do as a teaching tool…or something similar…..humanity thing is probably accurate….we stumbled into prominence….chuq

    2. Remember that Rummy, the Midwife to ISIS, sent Saddam’s highly-trained Republican Guard home, without pensions, but with their weapons and knowledge of weapons caches. That, and W’s disrupting the fragile balance-of-power, between Iraq and Iran, truly should be one of the biggest two-for-one blunders ever.

      All those battles, cited in Chuq’s piece, merely resulted in a lost battle. Rummy and W had caused an on-going situation, in the Middle East, that will, in turn, cause more, and more wars, due to the re-invigorated instability!

      1. Well, if we want to get into a pissing match of Great Blunders of the Twentieth Century we might start with WW1 and the subsequent whacked armistice and subsequent peace-mealing of empires that pretty much sowed the seeds for everything that has occurred since… including all the Mid-East turmoil, international terrorism, down to the random shootings that occur in this country. The Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory, on a diplomatic level.

  2. Chuq, I didn’t see Napoleon, marching deep into the Russian Winter, with an overpowering force of 500,000, on the list. This is where the”War of 1812″ Overture came from. The outmanned Russians just retreated deeper, and deeper, into Russia–taking what food and supplies it needed, and burning the rest.

    Napoleon broke the First Rule of the Battlefield Commander, over-extending his supply lines. I guess the official Camp Followers just couldn’t keep that many troops happy.

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