Are Tribes The Answer?

Back in the Dark Ages of the Iraq War, 2007, the president decided that he would send more troops into Iraq to help with security for Baghdad and Anbar province……the general at the time, Patreues, also conned the tribes of Anbar into working with the US and to stop the advance of the AQ backed insurgency.

Using the tribes was a novel idea….of course they were promised things like protection, weapons and most important money for their help with the problem.

I relive this part of the war history because it was a stroke of genius and that I do not understand why the technique has been abandoned.

We, the US, could be using tribes in several conflicts to do some of the lifting…..across the Middle East tribes are the central aspect of life… why not try to duplicate the small successes we have had in the past……

For instance in Yemen…where the US has had an on-going battle with AQAP…why not turn to the tribes that do not like AQ……some thoughts on the subject….

Source: The US is failing to exploit tribal anti-AQAP sentiments in Yemen – Middle East Monitor

Then there is Syria and its array of tribal connections…can the tribes work on the aftermath?

Some say no……

Source: After Raqqa: The Challenges Posed by Syria’s Tribal Networks – Jamestown

I keep harping on trying to find a new plan….I would say this idea would be considered a new plan….well at this time anyway….it had been a success…It could be again.

What we got to lose?

6 thoughts on “Are Tribes The Answer?

  1. I wonder how much the tribal system has been diluted in some of these countries? As you say, we have nothing to lose by trying, but we might have to learn to live with the idea of lots of smaller countries as a consequence.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. During the Colonial Era, when Ben Franklin was still British (Pete), he noticed that many Colonials, who had been taken by “Indians” were rescued, many of those rescued, returned to live with the Indians.

    In his fantastic book, “Tribe”, Sebastian Junger analyzes that tribal longing, and he compares it to GIs having trouble returning to civilian like after the military, and to the feeling of belonging that people felt, during The Blitx, in London. Ironically, the psychiatric wards in Hospitals near were the bombs fell were mostly empty, but those out of the Downtosn London were as crowded aa ever. I RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY!

      1. Not really…I seldom keep a resolution but I do read my books…..I order books every 3 months….next one due in August….thanx again for the title….chuq

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