Closing Thought–29Jun17

Protect my ‘Net!

For a couple of years now there has been a debate about net neutrality and why it is important.

We also have had those that say who cares.

We all should care about our internet access……and here is why….

Next month, Amazon, Netflix, and dozens of other companies and organizations will host a “day of action” aimed at saving net neutrality as we know it. The Federal Communications Commission, meanwhile, is on the verge of revoking its own authority to enforce net neutrality rules, and the country’s biggest telecommunications companies are cheering along. The future of the internet is on the line here, but it’s easy to be cynical about the conflict: What does it matter which set of giant corporations controls the internet?

Under the current net neutrality rules, broadband providers like Comcast and Charter, and wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon, can’t block or slow down your access to lawful content, nor can they create so-called “fast lanes” for content providers who are willing to pay extra. In other words, your internet provider can’t slow your Amazon Prime Video stream to a crawl so you’ll keep your Comcast cable plan, and your mobile carrier can’t stop you from using Microsoft’s Skype instead of your own Verizon cell phone minutes.

Source: Why Net Neutrality Matters | WIRED

Me?  I am old and probably does not matter much…but my granddaughter will be effected if these toads have their way.

TTFN–time for me to have a nap after all I’m old and we need our rest, right?

See ya tomorrow…chuq

10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–29Jun17

  1. This provider issue is already affecting things here. With Sky merging with 21st Century Fox, there are fears that films not made or distributed by Fox will be sidelined from the satellite channels. Also that Sky broadband customers will be ‘encouraged’ to sign up to Fox’s channels, as part of a package deal.
    I don’t have satellite, and have phone and broadband with British Telecom. So far, I will be OK, but it all just seems to be a matter of time…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Things are getting weird here too….and getting more and more expensive…soon I may have to use my cel phone for what I use my internet……not an idea i like much….chuq

      1. Our combined bill for home phone and broadband is now in excess of £60 a month. Five years ago, it was not much over £20. I used the expression ‘pricing out the plebs’. They claim it has increased to ‘repay back investment in improving the system’.
        Yeah, right.

      2. That sounds like a typical dodge here too…my phone plus internet runs about $250 a month….boy I wish I could figure out how to steal the broadband from my neighbor…..would make my life a bit better if you know what I mean…..chuq

  2. This reminds me of the famous “What did you do on your summer vacation?” treatise that many children are “asked” to write each September. For one Douglas MacArthur, he had two: “I spent the World War II in Australia!” and “I spent the Korean War in Tokyo!”

    “Dug-out Doug”, leading all the way, from behind!

      1. Caleb, having been in the investment business, I’m very familiar with GE selling its remaining half of NBC. And, after many years in analytical pursuits, when I see one glaring mistake, right away, the entire chart can be questioned.

        That does not eliminate the basic premise. Maybe 20 years ago, any one entity couldn’t have more than seven radio stations, or TV or newspapers, but not more than one in the same market. That began to change, I believe, in the Clinton Era. Banks, Airlines, etc, as well!

  3. Something most people forget to consider is the presence of the Dark Web, and that with proper encryption, there can exist entire networks and webs not even visible to other webs, or computer systems….If the big corps keep up their avaricious attacks on neutrality, all they will end up doing is driving most users underground, exactly the same as in the real world, where every market created by those who place their faith in money is echoed in existence by a ‘black’ market, which operates without the control they so desperately wish to secure… They’ll end up with a world of independently run webs, none of which can be accessed by any but those who subscribe to their particular brand of encryption…. and the hackers will be the elite of the new world, where information is money… Anyone who learns to program, and write code for computers will be in high demand, especially if they also understand how to make encryption algorithms resistant to solution…

    Things may get really interesting, for sure….

    gigoid, the dubious


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