Let The Praise Begin

Have you ever witnessed an event that you know was painfully superficial?

Yesterday was one of those events…..the cabinet fawning over the president was disgusting and sickening…..and a “cheese-eaters” paradise.

A scene out of some egotistic autocratic theater…..I could cite a historical equivalent but few would appreciate it….so straight to the report….

“We’ve achieved tremendous success,” President Trump declared at his first formal Cabinet meeting on Monday, and he certainly wasn’t the only one praising his administration: Asked by Trump to introduce themselves, the group took it in turns to flatter the president before reporters were ushered from the White House’s Cabinet Room, the Guardian reports. Chief of staff Reince Priebus was among the most effusive, saying, “We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you’ve given us to serve your agenda and the American people,” reports the Telegraph. “It is the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president,” said Mike Pence. “The president is keeping his word to the American people.”

“Never has there been a president, with few exceptions, the case of FDR—he had a major Depression to handle—who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done,” Trump said, claiming to have delivered on campaign promises at “record-setting pace,” NBC reports. Some Cabinet members gave brief updates on the work of their departments, while others stuck to praise. “Mr. President, what an incredible honor it is to lead the Department of Health and Human Services at this time under your leadership,” said Tom Price. The tone of the meeting was mocked by Trump critics including Chuck Schumer, who tweeted a mock video in which aides showered him with compliments, Reuters reports.

This was a shameless show of egotism……it is pathetic that this man needs to have his ego massaged on a regular basis…..illustrates the quality of the people that he surrounds himself….cowards and spineless slugs.

I can see why most of the cabinet did not serve in the military….they are cowards!

43 thoughts on “Let The Praise Begin

      1. Some people just cannot resist hating the fact that the Libs lost the election can they? They will never let it go! That’s who they are. How about if they would focus on getting their agenda together for the next election so they would have something worthwhile to give to The American People rather than obsessing over their hatred for something they are never going to change?

      2. Everything he says or tries to do is going to be obstructed. Everything. He doesn’t have a chance to get anything done unless he starts making an Obama-style use of executive orders and if he does that then I believe the crap will really hit the fan!

  1. To comment on such an obvious need to affirm the size of his own dick would take more discretion than I think I have available today; don’t wish to offend anybody, now, do I?…


    Oh, well, what can be expected of a man whose most treasured accomplishment is to have his own Reality TV show?

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. I don’t know … you mentioned something about a “Doug” writing about something or other.

      2. I do enjoy visiting there at times; he generally has a pretty rational take on things. But, due to his blog title, not often, as I don’t think there’s any to be found in that particular arena of human existence….

        *grin* One poli-sci junkie site is enough for me, most days, & you hold that distinction…


      1. Thanx…. I try to stay that way, though living in today’s world makes it a constant challenge…


      2. For the record, it wasn’t THIS Doug! I did find the whole show nauseating, though. It has nothing to do with which candidate I voted for, just my work experience where that sort of toadyism prevailed while one sovereign held court, um, was manager.

        As for obstructionism, I would like to remind readers the Republicans own all three branches of government in the last election yet have yet shown an ability to govern.

        Like chuq, I’d love to see something happen, anything, besides whining about how this or that party is blocking the will of the people. (Never mind the people seem to be ignored by the current agenda of the majority party….)

        One way to break the blockage is for the Republicans to start closer to the center instead of the extreme right of center, and actively work with the Democrats as legitimate partners instead of enemies.

        Both parties need to pay closer attention to the reasons people voted the way they did. Neither party seems to understand the money issues we little folks deal with and how the solutions the majority party proposes benefit those who least need the help.

      3. Could be, Weggieboy — could be. Thanks for checking in and sharing.

      1. Any show of support from the cabinet at this point in the game shows at least a modicum of unity of purpose and that can only be a good thing for the country. With all the poison being spread by the Left the American People need to see that somebody supports the President.

      2. So that did not look staged to you…he needs to get more Americans to support his agenda…the cabinet is there to do that not kiss butt.

      3. I did not think you would see anything wrong…but he did not need to make it public is my point…..let them kiss in private

      4. When I was a union steward we were instructed to present a unified face to the rank and file.

      5. That is a good idea…but in this case it did not need to be broadcast…..he help turn it into a story that should be….

    1. CNN will carry anything live … they are going to have to find more and more things to carry live if they don’t change some of their formatting ….

  2. Praising oneself is one thing if you have the actions behind the praise to back it up. Praising oneself with little to no action to show for it (anyone with Google can determine that for themselves) is just ignorant. It’s the King Trump show and the audience is slowly leaving the room in disgust. This has gone beyond a conservative vs. liberal fight; it’s become a laughing stock as Trump continues to dig his hole deeper and deeper. The inevitable is going to happen, just a matter of when it starts and how many get taken down in the process.

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