Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

Another article on the murderous attack by Israeli planes on an American ship, the USS Liberty……this is a seldom remembered tragedy and the deaths of Americans should never be forgotten even if they are the result of an Ally….

I have been asked why I seem to be down on Israel……I point to this incident…….

Today, June 8, 2016, is the 49th anniversary of the cowardly and deadly Israeli attacks on the USS Liberty. The repeated Israeli attacks from the air and sea on the American Navy ship on June 8, 1967 killed 33 American sailors and Marines and one American civilian while wounding 174 Americans. This tragic case is offering every American lessons regarding the Jewish state of Israel and US politicians and military brass.

After repeatedly attacking the USS Liberty from the air and from the sea, once Israel realized the crew of the USS Liberty had been able to get a message off to the Sixth Fleet that they were under attack, Israel lied and said it was an accident. The survivors know that Israel is lying and that the repeated and deadly attacks by the Jewish state were very deliberate.

US military brass (bureaucrats in uniform) ordered the survivors to remain completely silent about Israel’s war crime. The Commander in Chief at the time, Lyndon Johnson, immediately accepted Israel’s irrational excuse that the attack was a mistake. Johnson even lied about the USS Liberty attack in his autobiography by claiming 10 men were killed instead of 34 and lowering the number of wounded from 174 to 100. (It’s interesting and revealing of LBJ’s complete lack of courage and character that he lied about being under enemy fire and received a Silver Star for gallantry based on that lie.)

Source: Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty |

Please help these fallen Americans to be remembered and to help have Israel be finally held accountable.

Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

  1. Another sweeping under the rug. Israel has made a desert into a lush garden through science and good old ingenuity, but the USS Liberty situation will forever remain a big smear on that country and also on LBJ’s “legacy.” It is right to not forget.

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