USS Liberty Incident

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the American ship, USS Liberty…..34 American sailors dead and the sad thing is NO ONE seems to care….makes me ashamed!

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USS Liberty Incident

Recently I visited a local Naval Retirement Home with the hopes of interviewing some WWII vets and to get some interviews for a piece I was working on about the feelings the vets had after the war was over and if there were any problems readjusting to civilian life.  There were 4 vets at the home, two were away visiting family, 1 was in the hospital and the last did not want to talk.

My try was a bust!  I was sitting in the on property “food court” having a sandwich and coffee and trying desparately to think of another topic to write on.  About halfway through my meal a guy approached me and asked me what ship I served on.  Well, I was surprised at first and then told him I had served in the Army.  Then jokingly ask me, “what the hell is a grunt…

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