The Joy Of One Dimensional Thinking

Ever noticed that the ones that bitch about “fake news” are the ones that spread it the deepest?

We now live in a world on “fake news”…..both sides accuse the other of passing off “fake news”….that is news that does not fit the paradigm they wish to push…for instance the latest attack in the UK…the Right wants the world to believe that the mayor of London said “there is nothing to be alarmed over” (that is a paraphrase before the grammar police show up)…he in fact did say that but he was referring to the amount of police and military on the streets…..if one would just use the Google button they are so fond of then they would see the whole interview that the quote was taken from (it does not take an IT genius to find the interview)….

This is how their “fake News” becomes mainstream…..enough toads passing on shitty news to the shit for brains on the Right.

These people can only grasp on line of thinking at a time and they will play it for all it is worth until they are given another tidbit to chase.

More on one dimensional thinking later….give the slower people on the Right a chance to catch up to the rest of the world….

22 thoughts on “The Joy Of One Dimensional Thinking

  1. I don’t think people on the Right or the Left are slow or stupid – either misinformed or acting like chikldren, IMO.
    To your knowledge, has anyone taking responsibility for the attack at the Iran Parliament?

    1. Sorry I did not respond to your reply….I think that if one accepts everything one reads as the truth then we are being slow or just lazy….chuq

      1. It’s cozy here in the 4th Dimension…although a trifle warm. 😦

      1. Oh well,u know who is behind the clan of Isis….& it ain’t an Egyptian God.

      2. Yes it does but they are losing on the western front…looks like they want to open a eastern one…..chuq

  2. In a world of soundbites, tweets, repetitive rolling news, and reporter’s catchphrases, is it any wonder that fewer people ever look beyond the supposed ‘headlines’. Just as well some of us still do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Isis is bombing Iran?? Isn’t that like biting the hand that feeds you?

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