War Without Fear

One of the characteristics of war that helps prevent more of them is the emotion of fear.

Fear of a war will help all parties to come to an agreement that could avoid the spilling of blood and the loss of life.

However these days war is fought more and more by drones and satellites and eventually with AI…where there could be little to no soldiers involved in the fray…..

“The nature of war is all about a collision of will, fear, uncertainty, and chance, Work said, summarizing Clausewitz. “You have to ask yourself, how does fear play out in a world when a lot of the action is taking place between unmanned systems?” Human fallibility is central to Clausewitz and to classic theories of war as far back as Sun Tzu. But if machines start making the decisions, unswayed by fear, rage, or pride, how does that change the fundamental calculus of conflict? “Uncertainty is going to be different now,” Work went on. While he didn’t use the utopian language of millennial Revolution in Military Affairs — whose promise to “lift the fog of war” with high-tech sensors failed utterly in Afghanistan and Iraq — Work did argue that computerized decision-making aids could help commanders see with greater clarity. “Clausewitz had a term called coup d’oeil,” Work said, essentially a great commander’s intuitive grasp of what was happening on the battlefield. It’s a quality Clausewitz and Napoleon considered innate, individual, impossible to replicate, but, Work said, “learning machines are going to give more and more commanders coup d’oeil.”

Source: War Without Fear: DepSecDef Work On How AI Changes Conflict « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

We remove the emotion of fear and then wars will become more and more brutal and barbaric….if we let the machines do the thinking as well as the fighting then all is lost of our humanity.

Civilization will become nothing more than a word.

5 thoughts on “War Without Fear

  1. ‘Civilization will become nothing more than a word’
    Good post chuq
    Made it to London Bridge last night…place was crawling with police….shame they did not join our group of critical thinkers if ya know wot I mean…

  2. Fighting a war by using a joystick and remote terminal is bound to dehumanise conflict even further.
    Video games, made flesh. Frightening indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. “War without fear” Hmm.. an interesting concept, considering war itself has much of its root causes invested in fear… By dehumanizing the aggressors, they only become even more enslaved to their fears, ensuring they will, ultimately, become a victim to them. For those who are the physical victims, fear, war, and civilization ARE nothing more than words.

    Perhaps, assuming civilization is, or ever has been, anything more than a word, is part of the problem. Our own lack of will to face, and accept, the passions, learning to keep them from trying to control reality, keeps us from experiencing the reality behind the words. The word is not the thing, but, we keep trying to make it so….

    Reality bats last.

    gigoid, the dubious

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