I love this stuff….turning crap into a major news story.

“Covfefe”……Now there is a fun word….once it was typed Twitter went batcrap crazy over what was Trump saying…..or should I say “typing”…..

There is a wealth of “definitions”…..none are accurate…..I saw that it was Klingon for “dumbass” and on and on……or that it was some demonic word to invoke the powers of darkness….how about this, it probably it was a typo.  But sense there seems to be a grammar police out there it has been turned into a major news story.

The prez did not catch a break when his spox said that Trump and a small group know what he means by “covfefe”….say what?

It’s the story that started Wednesday’s news cycle, and Sean Spicer added some fuel to the “covfefe” fire in the late afternoon. When asked during Wednesday’s press briefing whether “people should be concerned that the president posted a somewhat incoherent tweet last night, and then it stayed up for hours,” Spicer replied no. USA Today reports the reporter pressed: “Why did it stay up so long after? Is no one watching this?” And then Spicer said this: “No, I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” The Hill calls Spicer’s answer “cryptic”; CNET jokes that it’s left wondering whether covfefe is “some sort of secret code that might mean: ‘Where’s my KFC?’ or ‘Attack North Korea.'”

Come on morons….admit it was a typo and move the Hell on!

Is it a code word for his Russian handler?  To let them know all is okay?   Or is it a “mistake” like in WW2 when spies would misspell every 5th word in a message to HQ to let the “good guys” know that all was okay?

Is it covert or maybe just overt?

I have had the “grammar police” visit here on IST on a couple of occasions…..so I have a little sympathy for the prez on this (enjoy it…it will not last long)…..

This is a society that lives in a 140 character society…grammar has long taken a powder from the discourse.

“Covfefe” means what it sounds like it means….NOT A GODDAMN THING!

May we please move on to something a little more important than a misspelled word?

See you on the “covfefe”……

21 thoughts on ““Covfefe”

  1. LOL! Spicer could have saved himself the humiliation of suggesting the prez and a handful of others “got it” by doing as you note: say it was a stupid gd typo, something everyone commits on a regular basis, one he accidentally posted too fast to catch. Once he caught it when reviewing his twitters for something to get a hard on, he noticed he created a new word, corrected it, and the world continued to go on. On the other hand, ignorant, scandal-ridden presidents have created words before, such as “normalcy”, a creation of Warren G. Harding, who had the decency to die before the Teapot Dome scandal was full blown.

    1. Morning….this has gotten so much air time that it is sickening….it was a typo…admit it and move on….not happening for Trump will not admit je was wrong…so it continues…..silly rabbit….chuq

      1. Unpacking is a bitch, chuq. But moving along. Thanks for asking.

        Weggieboy is a Doug! My mother named me after Gen. MacArthur. Can’t complain I suppose. I could have been named after the milkman I guess. 🙂

    1. LOL! Yes, I think we need to make “covfefe” a new word with new and nuanced meanings that make it applicable for all silly situations! I think yours is brilliant and needs to be added to the list!

    1. Oh, the other Doug! Too many Dougs here today, and too many species. Oh well, same thing applies. And I really like other Doug’s witty response! Seems us Dougs are on a fun bender today, so watch us while we RAWR!

    1. The irony is… our president IS a typo, inside the book on American History.

      1. Have you seen the Picture in which Trump says ¨my Covfefe is only this long¨ well showing an inch with his fingers and Ex-President Obama says ¨we know your wife told us!¨

  2. The only good thing about all this typo nonsense is the hilarious gifs cropping up all over the blogs. Trump continues to deliver, as far as entertainment is concerned. He’s definitely funnier than Obama, Clinton, or Bush.
    Regards, Pete.

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