Notes From “Half Moon Camp”

I shall explain what Half Moon Camp is all about but first a bit of an intro……

My regular readers know that I do like me some history…..and I go to great links to find the answers to stuff and to try and tie all aspects together if possible…..since my interests in the past 30 years has been the Middle East….a region that history is mysterious and mostly unknown…..I also like studying World War One because the modern warfare was born….it is a great study if one is interested in conflict management and resolution.  So much of the events in the world today were born during and after World War One.

I watched a historical doc on the History Channel entitled the “Nazi Jihad”….the premise was that the Nazis trained the modern day jihadist and that a line can be drawn from jihadist like AQ and ISIS back to the closing days of WW2 and the “werewolves” program…..this was a propaganda piece at best….true a line can be drawn from Germany to the jihadist but the program started decades before….during World War One, The Great War.

I recently wrote a post on this program, the “werewolves” and gave my thoughts on the incident and the documentary…..

Source: Werewolves To The Right – In Saner Thought

Now on to the “Half Moon Camp” program…….

“Half Moon Camp” was a POW camp in Germany in 1916 that was used to turn allied soldiers into jihadist fighting for imperial Germany….

A little-known PoW camp just outside Berlin was dedicated to turning Allied Muslim soldiers into jihad warriors

If history is dictated by the concerns of the historian’s day, then it’s surprising more of us haven’t heard the story of the Halbmondlager, or “Half Moon Camp”, a small First World War prisoner-of-war camp in Zossen, near Berlin.

It was like no other PoW camp in history. Reserved primarily for Muslim prisoners, detainees lived in relative luxury and were given everything they needed to practise their faith. Spiritual texts were provided, Ramadan observed, a mosque erected – the first on German soil – and there were sermons by visiting spiritual leaders and academics.

Source: Germany’s Grand WW1 Jihad Experiment – Telegraph


2 thoughts on “Notes From “Half Moon Camp”

  1. There was a good post on First Night History about this camp. I tried searching the site for it, but can’t get the title right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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