Closing Thought–24May17

This Is Your Brain On Drugs!

In wartime the use, official use, of drugs goes up…..the Germans kept their soldiers high on meth so they would fight longer and stronger……during Vietnam War troops that were on long missions were given Black Mollies, if I need to explain them then you are too young, kept them alert and ready for the actions to come.

Apparently not much has changed over the years……

Tampa Bay is hosting the Special Operation Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) this week and the floor of the marketplace is an impressive place to see. Some of the best manufacturers of weapons and equipment are there with their latest wares and it is a maze of cool gear for the cool guys and a ton of other must-have items.  Walking around the market place I was searching for a pitchman that looked like Ivan Drago.

In an interview with Defense News, Ben Chitty, Senior Project Manager for Biomedical, Human Performance and Canine Portfolios in the Science and Technology office at USSOCOM said that the command is looking for ways to increase Special Operations troops performance with diet, nutritional supplements and even performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Source: Special Operations Forces and Performance Enhancing Drugs: A Slippery Slope | SOFREP

Is the military created “junkies” yet again…..and you thought the Vietnam days were behind us…….think again!

Time for me to go and take some time away from the keyboard…a nice cup of tea would be helpful…..see everyone tomorrow with more stuff…..chuq

3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24May17

  1. We could go back to the days when soldiers and sailors were given alcohol to dull the senses. Even then, they realised that the horrors of war probably need something to dull the awareness of them. Mind-bending chemicals are always a step too far, of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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