What About “Net Neutrality”?

If you are a blogger then you use the internet a lot….researching your thoughts before they are written….and if you are a blogger then you have some sort of internet defense widget on your site….for we all are concerned about the loss of the internet for public consumption.

Well it looks like our President one Donald J. Trump, is siding with the internet companies in their dash to massive profits and total control……but that was before….it looks like something has changed in the Trump admin…..but unfortunately, to me, something still smells about this……

A top US regulatory official on Wednesday unveiled plans to roll back so-called “net neutrality” rules that require broadband firms to treat all online traffic equally.

The announcement by Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai, appointed by President Donald Trump, signals a new round of wrangling over internet regulatory policy by seeking to reverse rules aimed at avoiding the emergence of “fast” and “slow” lanes at the discretion of carriers.

Pai, speaking to a Washington forum, said the 2015 FCC order — which is being challenged in court by major broadband firms — did not deliver on its promise but rather added new regulatory burdens which stifled investment.

Source: Flash – US regulator vows to roll back ‘net neutrality’ rules – France 24

We must be aware of the gimmicks that these politicians will pull…..

We need to be vigilant……this too will pass into a control substance.

I trust no one when they start dicking with the neutrality thing….

How about you?


7 thoughts on “What About “Net Neutrality”?

  1. What I like to do is to point out that the same company that owns MSNBC owns Comcast (major national ISP) and that by eliminating net neutrality would make it possible for them to give lower priority to conservative sites on the web.

  2. I am still surprised about all this fuss concerning interference in the Internet. Surely that has always been the case? Like the old saying goes, ‘nothing new here’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Before the government had to get involved, all of this was handled though gentleman agreements between all of the ISPs and the backbone providers. Things changed when AT&T and other large ISPs decided that were not getting enough of the pie and started demanding large sites such as Google to pay them for access to their subscribers. Both sides ramped up their Congressional “lobbying” and we got the FCC involved with its rules.

        Conservatives act like this was just a big power grab by the government. The truth is that it was the corporations driving this debate but sense the “libtards” were on Google side, they took AT&T’s side.

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