Showdown At Foggy Bottom

I know that sounds like a spaghetti western from the 70’s….all we need is some cheesy music and we would have a hit.

This time I am talking about the shutdown of the government…..yes we are about to play that game yet again.

The Congress says one thing the president another….and the chest thumping has begun……

Once or twice a year recently, the federal government threatens to shut down. But the Washington Post reports this year’s version of the crisis—the deadline to pass a spending bill is midnight April 28—has a brand-new wrinkle: President Trump. According to the New Yorker, things had been going pretty well to avoid a government shutdown, with Republicans and Democrats negotiating toward a compromise bill. Then on Friday, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said either the bill includes Trump’s border wall and defense spending increase or it must defund a major part of the Affordable Care Act. (Interestingly, Mulvaney was also involved in the last government shutdown in October 2013, which also hinged on defunding the ACA.)

The problem now is that even if Democrats and Republicans in Congress reach a compromise that allows them to pass a spending bill, there’s no guarantee Trump will sign it. For example, Democrats don’t want the border wall built, and conservative Republicans aren’t too keen on paying for it either. Adding to the uncertainty, the deadline to avoid the shutdown falls on Trump’s 100th day in office, and he could be desperate for a big win by the deadline. The New Yorker reports one top White House official actually “sounded excited” by the prospect of a shutdown. For his part, Trump says he thinks “we’re in good shape” to avoid a shutdown, according to Forbes. And here’s the kicker: Even if a spending bill somehow gets passed, it only funds the government through September.

Personally I think most of it is all bluff……his scores are so low that if he goes through with is threats it will dip even further…..and on the international scene opponents will try to take advantage of the situation…..something the US cannot allow….no matter the cost.

Will there be a showdown or a just a couple of kids in a staring contest?

(I would like to thank Trump and his opposition for making anything in and around DC totally irrelevant….that will give me time to concentrate on real problems and solutions)


6 thoughts on “Showdown At Foggy Bottom

  1. Once again, Congress and the President are the musicians, and they are playing the American People like a fiddle. “I’m takin’ my football, and goin’ home!” Frankly, one can only wonder how important these so-called “Leaders” are, when their whole purpose in being can just be closed-up, on a regularly occasional basis. Kind of like when the Circus just moves from town-to-town.

  2. Quote: “(I would like to thank Trump and his opposition for making anything in and around DC totally irrelevant….that will give me time to concentrate on real problems and solutions)” …hahahahaha! Yes, you do have your moments, Chuq. Great reading here, keep it up (and I often wonder how you do it!

  3. On one hand, I like to see this kind of thing happening. It shows them up for the spiteful childish people that exist beneath the veneer of respectability.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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