What Will Korean War Part 2 Look Like?

All the mash up with North Korea has got the country talking.  Even my class had to put in their 2 cents worth….we talked about the first one and how it started and ended…afterwards they asked…what will the next Korean War look like?

A good question and thankfully I had read an article that asked that very question….I told the class to read it and we would discuss it at next session (I reminded them UNZ has a Libertarian lean to it)……

“If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.”

So thundered President Donald Trump last week. Unfortunately, neither China nor North Korea appeared intimidated by this presidential bombast or Trump’s Tweets.

What would ‘we will’ actually entail? This clear threat makes us think seriously about what a second Korean War would be like. Memory of the bloody, indecisive first Koran War, 1950-53, which killed close to 3 million people, has faded. Few Americans have any idea how ferocious a conventional second Korean War could be. They are used to seeing Uncle Sam beat up small, nearly defenseless nations like Iraq, Libya or Syria that dare defy the Pax Americana.

Source: What Would Korean War II Look Like? – The Unz Review

I would like for my readers to also join the conversation……so let your thoughts be heard.


17 thoughts on “What Will Korean War Part 2 Look Like?

  1. I’m afraid that with these two bombastic, unstable leaders this KW 2 will not be anything like the first. These two will act before thinking. South Korea will be devastated along with all our troops stationed there. Diplomacy is not in these guys DNA.

    1. I fully agree….the art of deal is BS when it comes to NK….there is another region that could be a problem I will write about it tomorrow…chuq

  2. I’m of the opinion, based on what I’ve been reading, that Americans are getting to the point where endless war is starting to get more attention because, well, its hitting their wallets. I could be as delusional as the president here though, as an intelligent American that is informed is blasphemy to the Trumpkins and results in an automatic “leftist” label. A war in North Korea will just be wrong and I doubt we have learned our lessons from the first Korean War, Vietnam, or the first Gulf War. A military action without a clear exit strategy is pure lunacy. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are prime examples of that lunacy.

    1. I have written the same thing many times……it is fallacy to start a war and not have a way out….the Einstein quote works well here….chuq

  3. Remember who profits from war: corporate profiteers include more than just the Defense Industry; generals and admirals propel their careers, and earn additional stars; and Congress gains campaign contributions for greasing those very wheels.

    The losers: the young, mostly poor, men and women who serve, and many of them shed blood and die; the spouses, children, parents, etc, whose loved ones deploy, and might return maimed for life, or not at all; the American People who pay for wars; and the Nation, for the lost contributions–medical scientists, leaders in cleaning-up environmental pollution, and other critical thinkers and problem-solvers.

    More losses mount-up, in the countries where the wars were fought: the civilians who were not a part of the war; enemy soldiers who, like our Gi’s, are pawns, shed blood and die; and the untold destruction created in a nation that, in most cases, had very little in the first place.

    A Declaration of War should be formalized: we haven’t declared one since December of 1941, and the Military Draft–without any deferrals whatsoever–should be re-enacted! A Draft would send a message to the Administration; Congress and other War Hawks, that their children and grandchildren might be placed “In Harm’s Way”. Likewise, All Americans would pay much more attention to what they are “hearing” from Washington, D. D.

    Formalizing War would drive home the real cost of war to All of America. When that occurs, I assure you that we would enter into no more Unnecessary Wars, such as: Vietnam; Afghanistan and Iraq!

  4. The ‘war bug’ is finding a home here too. Our Foreign Secretary is talking about UK airstrikes against the Assad regime in Syria today. I am hoping he has forgotten that the British also sent troops to Korea the first time…
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. The article was interesting. The report of the meeting in the Bronx took me back to some of the frustrations of political meetings in my younger days, as well as Trade Union meetings when I was older.
        I hope that the former ‘alliance’ with Sanders continues to benefit the party, without watering down its aims. Since electing an outspoken ‘Leftist’ leader, (Corbyn) the Labour Party in the UK now has one of its highest ever memberships. Unfortunately, the elctoral system, and changed boundaries, will probably guarantee that those votes fail to translate into parliamentary seats. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see left-wing thinkers back in an active capacity.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. I agree…it has been a long time in coming here….but I worry about attaching itself to the Dem Party…they are a bunch of panty wastes….chuq

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