We Approach A Fork In The Road

As Yogi would say….”when you come to a fork in the road, take it”……..

This country is ripping itself apart and the sad thing is that few seem to care as long as some arbitrary political direction is maintained.  The population is filled with accusations, innuendoes and pure political hatred…..all this hatred is bring this country to a fork in the road and no matter which fork is taken the country will suffer.

(Please if you are a Right winger read the article before throwing your usually retort of the Godwin Law….)

So many of us were wrong, myself included, about Donald Trump. We saw in the jut-jawed, brow-furrowed Mussolini-like posturing, in the blatant narcissism, in the reckless disregard for truth, the anger and incitement to hatred, the declamations that he would fix everything single-handedly on Day One of his presidency, his disdain for democracy and hints that he would lock up his opponents — we saw in all of these things incipient fascism.

After the inauguration, I began reading Victor Klemperer’s chilling diaries on the rise of Nazism, I Will Bear Witness, and Sebastian Haffner’s memoir of the early days of Hitler, Defying Hitler. The analogies were all too close. Others on these pages have made similar observations. We were on the verge of something unprecedented, something horrifying. We were on the verge of authoritarian government headed by an ignoramus and possible psychopath. We were on the verge of the end of democracy.

Source: America Is Barreling Toward Political Anarchy, Not an Organized Fascist State | Alternet

Anarchy is already raising its ugly head……and it is beginning from within the walls of the White House and radiating out from there.

Our politics has become a jumbled mess of bullshit……issues mean little attitudes on one subject or another…..no cohesion left in this political soup.


10 thoughts on “We Approach A Fork In The Road

  1. Our politicians are playing games between themselves that only entertain them….the country be damned ! And now we have a President who has stirred to the top an ugly hatred from the bottom.

  2. Glad to know somebody’s read “I will bear witness”. It’s on my shelf, and I haven’t read it yet (like a thousand other books), but I was wondering how useful and great it was…now I know. Can’t wait to get to it on my list…sometime this summer, I think.

      1. neither can I. The library I have disguises the amount of dust on the surfaces–if there were no books, I’d have to put stupid knick-knacks up there and clean the shelves all the time. Nope, that’s reserved for when I move my shelves around to make sure the heavier ones don’t crash through the shelf, and take everything down to clean properly…quarterly.

      2. I have so many books that two rooms in my house are dedicated to shelves to hold them……and it is getting so I need more shelves….I worry about my books when I crap out….I do not want them in some damn garage sale…..chuq

  3. I also have a large collection of books, many yet to be read. I have no doubt that when I am gone, they will be consigned to the shelves of a Charity Shop. But I am still buying them…
    I wonder if the lack of book-reading, and many people getting their ‘education’ from online sources and ‘soundbites’, is the very thing that has contributed to the lack of political engagement? It often seems that history is being ignored, because nobody ever reads about it anymore. They only seem to be interested in what happened ‘today’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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