Is India Next?

America has had an off again, on again relationship with India….at one point we hated them for they were aligned with the USSR…then they were I buddies….now it is pretty much up in the air who likes who…..

Everyone knows how the US feels about AQ….well that is everywhere but in Syria……it looks like AQ is spreading its influence into the sub-continent, India to be more accurate….

: In the region, AQIS is a highly significant group. This is an assessment that’s shared by top officials within the U.S., such as General John Nicholson, Commander of American and NATO troops in Afghanistan, who talked about this recently in an interview with CTC Sentinel.

AQIS was formally announced in September 2014, but its origins go back before the formal announcement. Al Qaeda has had longstanding relationships in the region for some time, as is well known. The center of gravity for al Qaeda, and for its senior leadership, was in Afghanistan-Pakistan and South Asia for around 15 years, so the group maintained longstanding relationships, not just in the post-9/11 world but also prior to the 9/11 attacks. They were able to cultivate strong ties with sectarian and Kashmir-focused militant factions, and the network spans several countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Source: AQIS Fits Into al Qaeda’s Global Strategy | The Cipher Brief

This could a conflict in the making especially after the president and his cronies have made it clear that the US would use troops wherever needed….does that mean that we will be sending special ops people to the sub-continent any time soon?



11 thoughts on “Is India Next?

      1. I have heard of it…but I do not use Facebook and avoid any connection to it….my daughter told me about it and she is appalled and disgusted….sorry I could not be help….chuq

  1. I watched the Mr. MN clip on You Tube, (nothing graphic shown) and also other footage of this senseless killing. Yet another reason why I believe that Facebook needs to be seriously regulated. No doubt this will start yet another Facebook ‘trend’ this time far more worrying than most of them. Of course, it also raises issues about gun ownership in America. But that’s a road I have travelled too many times before…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am glad that my research keeps me from viewing this crap… daughter watches FB and YouTube constantly and she keeps updated….senseless crime something we Americans seem to excel at these days….chuq

  2. As for India, I cannot imagine that any western power (in its right mind) wants to even contemplate military action in that mostly impoverished country. And they have almost certainly got their geography skewed too, as it is mainly in Pakistan that support exists for Muslim militants.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The rhetoric around ISIS has me worried that we will do something stupid…we do not need to make more adversaries than we have now….chuq

      1. Thanks, chuq. My wife is out with her grandson today, so it looks like a very peaceful day for me! At least the sun is shining.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. I am back to work after a lovely Sunday….cloudy here and warm and getting warmer everyday soon it will be back to 100…..oh joy…LOL chuq

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