MOAB……The “Big Bang”

Before I go any further on this “Big Bang”….there is important news coming out of Afghanistan that the media chooses to ignore…..

Any American soldier has been killed in Afghanistan……An Army Green Beret…..

Staff Sgt. Mark de Alencar, 37, was killed by “small arms fire” in Agarhar Province Saturday, the Department of Defense

de Alencar was married and had five children.

And NO one cared.

I have waited before I posted more on the MOAB explosion…..I wanted to see what others had to say about this “big bang”…

The “mother of all bombs” dropped on the Islamic State in Afghanistan Thursday not only killed 36 militants but also destroyed their base within a 1,000-foot-long network of tunnels and a stockpile of weapons, says the Afghan defense ministry. A presidential spokesman tells the BBC that ISIS commander Siddiq Yar was among those killed as the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb detonated in the Momand valley of Achin in Nangarhar province.

Officials say civilians had previously left the area and weren’t affected by the blast, which the district governor described as “the biggest I have ever seen.” President Trump says the strike was “another successful job,” per CNN, which notes the US military had pegged the number of active ISIS militants in the area at up to 800. They had been launching attacks on Afghan troops from the tunnels. One person who was displeased by the move: former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who called it “an inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country.” Read more about the specifics of the bomb here.

Here it is…The “Big Bang”…….30 seconds of ecstasy (if you are a lover of destruction)……

According to the intel there were about 800 ISIS fighters in the area…..and this huge ass bomb killed 36….at what cost?

My economics is not very good but I do not believe that is a sound return on investment…..just a thought.


21 thoughts on “MOAB……The “Big Bang”

  1. I believe it was a P.R. Stunt to boost Trumps macho image. The predecessor to the M.O.A.B. was the DAISY CUTTER ,used in Vietnam, and I saw the results that produced and the M.O.A.B. is much bigger !

    1. I believe the damned thing did what it was intended to do and I do not believe the former pantywaist would have ever thought about using it. We have these things so let us not allow them to sit unused because sitting unused is where the real waste of money is. If this thing took out some baloobies, then more power to whoever ordered its use! By the way, I can smell the Trump Hatred here. It positively reeks!

  2. With all the complaints, it appears Afghanistan would prefer to be an ISIS state. Can they honestly believe that those rabble-rousing, self-centered cowards would care for the citizens of the country?

    1. I do not think that the Taleban will allow ISIS control…it means much more war for the country…but do we need to be part of this struggle? chuq

      1. Totally agree….I mean if things get worse in the future we can always do what we do…invade again….we have the technology…have a good day my friend….chuq

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘MOAB’ … facts we need to know!
    No sovereign country will put up with actions like this from ‘super powers’! This isn’t over yet … Pandora’s Box?

  4. Oppressors, in this case the US military, never learn that the more they squeeze a people, the more martyrs they create and the more hatred fuel they engender. The cheering for Trump may get louder with the Big Bang, but if anyone notices, it is coming from a smaller and smaller group. The world in not ecstatic over the Big Bang, quite the opposite, and former Afghanistan president Hamil Karzai is representative of the backlash. Whether it was Rome, the Third Reich or this new military empire with delusions of grandeur of world domination and control, there are “natural” checks and balances in this game, and the endgame is never in doubt: America will lose this war. As of today it can’t even win local engagements, what does that tell any intelligent person? When you’ve reached a point where you need a $300 million bomb to dispatch 36 insurgents – read martyrs and patriots from their point of view regardless of how demonized they are in the western fake news media – the balance of power and terror has already shifted to “the people” and out of the control of the would-be imperial masters. The gravest danger for the entire world now is that Trump has committed to this path and he can only up the ante to prove he was right. A psychopath narcissist can never back down. He can’t even say “oops!”

    1. Excellent reply….the media is selling this incident as some sort of change in direction….it is business as usual….time for the US to declare a win and get the Hell out! chuq

  5. I believe that Donald Trump Regime is merely suggesting that here is a New Sheriff in Town. Aside fro the questionable body count, if it were actually 36, what was the Cost per KIA? Various terrorist groups have been congregating near the birder so that, when danger threatens, hey just cross-over into Pakistan and, then they return when the threat passes.

    The MOAB misadventure similarly followed on the heels of the air strike in Syria, which didn’t prevent Assad’s Air Force from striking the same city, a few days later, without Sarin. The Trumpets “justified” that attack as having been part of the ancient War Powers Authorization for Iraq. Iraq, how dumb do you think we are.

    And then we have Trump and Pence, defending us, with a Sword and a Shield in North Korea, along with an upside-down map. Yes Donald, the Indian Ocean remains south from Singapore, while the Sea of Japan in to the North. Really!

    Of course, Donald being the “Leader” that he is (ONLY KIDDING!), is once again, shifting the blame. He blamed the Pentagon generals for the failed Yemeni raid, the (You Pick-’em) for his Health Care Disaster and, now, he’s blaming the Navy for following orders, rather than channeling Sean Spice who had boasted that the carrier group was en route to the Sea of Japan!

    Is Donald Trump the kind of ignorant person that we wish to entrust nuclear weapons to?

    1. IMO..Trump or nay of his lackeys should be anywhere near the codes….I appreciate your visit and comment please visit as often as possible….have a good day….chuq

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