Closing Thought–12Apr17

“the ones mother gives you does nothing at all”

This country has our elite troops….Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, SEALs and others…..and these troopers have accomplished some amazing feats most of which we mere mortals may never know to what extent……

A disturbing story has come out about drug use among our elites…the SEALs…..

One of the most honored and respected segments of the U.S. military is battling an enemy within. For the first time, Navy SEALs are talking publicly about drug abuse in the ranks.

“I’m sitting in this chair because I’m not proud anymore to be in the community because of the direction that it’s going,” said one of the Navy SEALs who came forward.

Three Navy SEALs — one active duty, two retired — agreed to talk to us on camera if we disguised their faces and change their voices to protect them from retribution.

Source: Navy SEAL drug use “staggering,” investigation finds – CBS News

I will not sit here and condemn any of this… see when in Vietnam and we had a long mission…..5 days or more….we were given “bennies” to help us stay awake and alert….so I do not think that the military has moved beyond that sort of things today when were are asking these elite troops to do more and more.

But please if anyone would like to comment…feel free to do so…..

This concludes my day of posting…have a great evening and will return tomorrow bright and early with more stuff….chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12Apr17

  1. There have been some minor issues with drug use in the British Army reported. However, drunkenness and bullying are the things that get the most publicity here.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. The missions these guys preform then I can understand the drug use or the drinking….dozen of deployments can have that effect…..chuq

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