Closing Thought–10Apr17

These days I am not posting much on domestic situations…the world is getting close to the ignition stage and there is just too much happening for me to ignore….after all that is what I was trained to do…..ANALYZE.

But I will post from time to time on stuff that is out of my field…..

I have had several op-eds posted in Ace News Room….I try to “Press” them here so that others can read them that may not be regulars over at Ace.

It is no secret that I am a bit radical…in my younger days I was a hardcore radical…but I have mellowed a bit with age….but the concerns and desires are still there…..

First op-ed is a small look into my younger days of rebellion…..

“I Was A Teenage Socialist”…….

Personally, I think that is a capital idea for a title for an RKO feature film….right? (I knew I could get a movie reference in if I just tried)…but I am sure that if we let the major studios film it it would be along the lines of “Reefer Madness“.

Source: I Was a Teenage Socialist | Ace News Room

After the last election I saw what is needed in the US…a strong Left movement…and please do not say Dems….they are nothing more than a flip side of a Repub…..then I hit on an idea……

The voting is over and there is something that I wanted to share……I waited before posting this because I was a afraid that too much would be read into the subject……. By now …

Source: America Needs A Good Strong A.R.M. | Ace News Room

Back in 2010 I floated an idea along with a few others of a new Bull Moose Party……

Source: How About A “Bull Moose Party”? #1 – In Saner Thought

Source: How About A New “Bull Moose Party”? #2 – In Saner Thought

My point is that it is time for a real “progressive” party to arise in the US….but will it?

The day is finished for this puppy…but tomorrow is another day and I will be here writing and ranting… usual.  chuq


10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–10Apr17

  1. Is there such a thing as a non-political party? I mean, using my own political proclivities in being a liberal conservative as an example, I favor many liberal concepts and many conservative (old style) concepts. Other’s could be labeled in the same way yet their respective interest could vary vastly from my liberal-conservative perspective. Are we at a point in the country’s political development where “things” don’t fall neatly into one party or the other? Should issues themselves be the impetus for collective support rather than saying a given issue has a democratic or republican side to it?
    Just rattling, and frustration making me wonder about such ill-defined possibilities.

  2. Interesting post. The older I get, the more politically active I get. And my views are more progressive. Imagine an almost 79 year old woman shouting at the TV, posting lots of political articles on FB, calling my reps, signing petitions, joining the resistance movement? I changed my voter registration. So, I agree with Doug to a degree. I still hold some of my more conservative thoughts, but I’m with the progressives all the way. Love reading your thoughts on the world happenings, as I’ve told you previously. Good job, chuq.

  3. What about this party?
    They seem to have a lot going on, at least on paper. Over here, we never hear about any real left-wing activity in the US. Is there any? In a place where Sanders was considered to be a Socialist, I suppose that’s hardly surprising.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I was a member of SPUSA for years…I left because they wasted too much money on elections instead of building a party. Left wingers are here just the media avoids any positive news….chuq

      1. Thanks for the information, chuq. Like some of the Leftist parties here, more concerned about promotion than organisation, I suspect.

      2. I was a delegate at the SPUSA convention and made a stick about wasting money…..they need to educate the population and then worry about power. chuq

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