And Then There Is Afghanistan

Another dead American soldier….and few care.

With all going on in the Middle East I am sure that this report will not be reported on much by the MSM…..IST refuses to look the other way when an American soldier loses his/her life…….

A U.S. soldier was killed while conducting operations against Islamic State in Afghanistan late on Saturday, a U.S. military spokesman said in a message posted on Twitter.

“The soldier was mortally wounded late Saturday during an operation in Nangarhar Province” in eastern Afghanistan, U.S. Navy Captain Bill Salvin said in a message on the official Twitter account of the NATO-led Resolute Support mission.

The soldier was a Special Forces operator, Salvin told Reuters separately.

The circumstances of the death were unclear and Salvin said more information could be released later.


Our longest war seems to just drudge on and few people notice…..only people like me that study war and conflict does it ever get much exposure….

The US does not seem to have a strategy beyond keep on keeping on for Afghanistan…..maybe now is a good time to meet and have a substantive conversation on Afghanistan…

Afghanistan has become an intractable problem absent any clear acceptable strategic solutions.  It is our national tar baby. Most simply, it is a mess. We are there. We would like to get out. What are our options? A small brief for our strategic planners.

First, visualize a large pond-sized blender. Insert six frogs. Hit pulse several times.

Desire the frogs to emerge and make the pond a better place.

Currently, our sticky strategic plan for Afghanistan is the pond, frog, and pulse arrangement. So what are our reasonable options for a resolution to the Afghanistan tar baby in a briar patch?  Gen. H.R. McMaster has limited options and none result in sunlight and smiles. And in the reality of all crisis situations at the national level, no decision is, in fact, a decision.  So what are our options?

Source: A Strategic Guide to Afghanistan Options | Small Wars Journal

Time to get out of Afghanistan…..if any problems arise after we leave then we can repeat our invasion of 2001….but now we need to close down this killing field and call it a day.


8 thoughts on “And Then There Is Afghanistan

  1. True, we never hear about what is happening in Afghanistan. This sad news that another one of our treasures is lost. I totally agree, chuq. Why are we still there? Makes no sense to me, but what do I know? If you hadn’t posted this, we would all be in the dark. Time to contact our reps and find out.

  2. I know you’ll believe this one… the other day I met someone who believed Obama when he said we were getting out of the Middle East. He had no idea how that soldier got killed! (I’d like to know the ADDRESS OF THAT CAVE SOME PEOPLE INSIST ON LIVING IN!!)

    1. I can believe it….I even met someone that did not know the Titanic sank until they saw a movie….so yep it is a deep cave at that….chuq

  3. By coincidence, my 28-year old step-daughter asked me if the Titanic was a real ship.
    I doubt she knows where Afghanistan is.
    Nobody has ever won in that country. They need to look at the history, and pull out at the earliest opportunity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. As far back as Alexander that was a good idea…get the Hell out while we can. Somebody once said the “war is how Americans learn geography”….and it is true….chuq

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