Closing Thought–06Apr17

Those presidential offspring!

The president’s children are always a focus for the media and this president is no different…..

Mr. Trump has his family in almost every aspect of the governing of this country.  His daughter has gotten an official office within the confines of the White House…..kinda reminds me of the Borjas in Italy and any number of authoritarian monarchs in the Middle East.

After ethics experts raised concerns about her acting as a informal adviser to her father, Ivanka Trump will join her husband as an unpaid government employee, the New York Times reports. Critics worried Ivanka Trump, who already has an office in the White House, could skirt ethics rules while advising President Trump, despite her promising to voluntarily comply with them. Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to the Office of Government Ethics on Wednesday, asking how ethics rules would apply to the president’s daughter, according to the AP.

A short time later, Ivanka Trump announced she would take an official position as an unpaid White House adviser with the title “assistant to the president.” She says this will allow her to be “subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees.” Those rules include prohibitions on conflicts of interest. Releases from both Ivanka Trump and the White House call her new position “unprecedented.” CNBC notes that Ivanka Trump has already sat in on her father’s meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

My thought is why is not the First Lady dealing with some of this stuff?

He, Trump, is giving the term “all in the family” a whole new meaning.  He is acting like some Middle East potentate where the family has all the positions whether they are qualified or not…

Let’s not forget his opponent in the last election, Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea……who was used in the closing days of the campaign liberally (no pun intended)…..

“I am not running for public office,” Chelsea Clinton tells Variety. After her mother’s loss to President Trump and with the rise of her own public persona, political pundits have been wondering if it’s Chelsea Clinton’s turn to try her hand at the family business, CBS News reports. Apparently not. In her interview with Variety, Clinton quashes such rumors—which she finds “rather hysterical”—and says she’s “constantly surprised by the stories of me running for, fill in the blank.” The 37-year-old says she’s been asked about running for office for most of her life and has never changed her answer. However, Clinton stops short of saying that answer will never change.

What total bullshit!  Remember when her mother was not considering running for president?  No one believed her then why should we believe dear Chelsea now?

God, I love these privileged presidential larva…

Update:  After writing this post word has come out that yet another Trump family member has joined the White House gang……his daughter-in-law, wife of son Eric will be working in the White House…..

Looking more and more like the family government of some sultanate in the Middle East.


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Apr17

    1. I expect he will be meeting with Xi but I think he has far more important things on his mind than Madame Mao and the gang of Four … I expect he will be thinking about the missile attack he just launched against the Syrian air base.

  1. I was going to comment, but, every time I began to compose something, I started to snicker… had to give up…. Just too ridiculous to even contemplate…. frigging reality TV….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. “Too ridiculous to contemplate” or beyond ability to contemplate? It has to be one or the other. So what’s to contemplate? The destiny of humanity? I guess that is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Who cares about humanity? Nobody should give a flying fart about the destiny of humanity since nobody alive is smart enough to do anything about it.

      1. It’s nice to be able to read whatever one wishes into a passage written by someone else. In truth, I have found very, very little in my life that would be beyond my ability to contemplate, and it could be something else entirely; we are seldom limited to just two choices as to meaning. Second, I am generally precise in using words, & I meant ‘too ridiculous’ just as it reads. I find the entire concept of the Trumpette ridiculous…. and the ‘destiny’ of humanity is not in question, for ‘destiny’ is a word which implies lack of choice. We humans have had choices at every juncture of our history, & if any of it can be trusted to be the truth, have usually made the choice to serve self-interest rather than serving humanity.

        Perhaps you can tell me just what there is about Trump’s actions that is NOT ridiculous? The man is ignorant, a habitual liar, and has demonstrated no interest in anything other than feeding his immense ego’s need for attention…. I find that to be, at the least, ridiculous….


      2. Well my friend, if Trump is all that ridiculous then it means that half the population of The United States share that characteristic with him and I tend to agree with that. In fact, I emphatically agree with that. Thank you for demonstrating it for me.

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