Trump’s Foreign Policy #2

Yes I am a geek for foreign policy and have said about Trump, during the campaign and after he was elected, that his vision is unknown….lots of rhetoric but little substance.

I would like to see or hear an actual plan….supposedly next week he will get his plan from the generals on handling ISIS….don’t know if there will be any info on this plan or not……but I would like to hear more on his overall plans for our foreign policy….

I read a couple of articles that share my concern and my desire……

Jon Finer faults Trump for his foreign policy incoherence:

What is different is that right now not only is there no discernible doctrine guiding President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, the United States currently has no real foreign policy at all. By that I mean not that the policies are objectionable, or that the Trump team is struggling with the learning curve each new administration faces at the outset, as it reviews its predecessors’ approach and settles on its own. Rather, I mean that we are experiencing an unprecedented degree of policy incoherence on virtually every major issue the country faces.

Source: Trump’s Foreign Policy Incoherence | The American Conservative

There are questions also after the NSC shake-up and the dismissal of Gen. Flynn…….has Trump caved to the M-IC?  Or is he treading water for now?

ith President Trump’s foreign-policy team sounding a lot like President Obama’s, the new question is whether Trump has caved in to Official Washington’s powers-that-be or is biding his time for a big move,

After President Trump abruptly fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn a week ago and senior Trump officials flew to Europe to unveil a foreign-policy agenda that sounded a lot like President Obama’s, even some Trump supporters wondered if Washington’s “shadow government” or “deep state” had triumphed over their hero.

But another interpretation is possible, that Trump understands that he first must gain control of the national-security and foreign-policy bureaucracies before he can press ahead with plans for détente with Russia and downsizing America’s vast web of military bases and geopolitical commitments. In other words, what we’re seeing may be a tactical retreat rather than a wholesale rout.

Source: Trump’s Foreign Policy: Retreat or Rout? – Consortiumnews

I am hoping that there is some word on his actual plans for that will give us an idea if we have a descent foreign policy or just a joke…..

In an exclusive interview, President Trump tells Reuters he wants the US to be “top of the pack” when it comes to nuclear weapons. It’s the first time Trump has discussed the American nuclear arsenal since becoming president. Trump says he would prefer a world with no nuclear weapons, calling it a “dream.” But in the meantime, he says the US has “fallen behind” in its nuclear arsenal. Russia is said to have 7,300 nuclear warheads to the US’ 6,970. Trump called the country’s most recent nuclear treaty with Russia, which takes effect in 2018, “just another bad deal.”

Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, says both the US and Russia already have far more nuclear weapons than could ever be necessary. “The history of the Cold War shows us that no one comes out ‘on the top of the pack’ of an arms race and nuclear brinkmanship,” he says. The US is in the process of spending $1 trillion to modernize the nuclear arsenal it already has, and most experts say the country can’t afford it. Outside of nuclear weapons, Trump tells Reuters China could “very easily” solve the North Korea problem, says he’s “totally in favor” of the EU (something he bashed as recently as last month), and says he prefers a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. Read the full piece here.

Tick Tock


6 thoughts on “Trump’s Foreign Policy #2

  1. Totally in favour of the EU.?….slippery tongue.
    2 state solution?
    Hahaha it is nearly one state!
    man speak with forked tongued but then again they all do.
    this is in your neck of the woods chuq..
    No link between immigration and increased crime, four decades of evidence finds
    I did hear Trump say that Jewish Graves are being desecrated….hmmmm….. makes a change from Palestinian graves….wot say you?
    Left Right Right Left…all together now!
    cya have a good d.a.a.y

  2. Making friends with Russia with the aim to reduce military expenditure in Europe is actually a very good policy. But who is ever going to be able to negotiate a deal that everyone will agree on?
    Not in my lifetime, I think.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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