Closing Thought–22Feb17

I am not by any measure of the imagination a techno geek….I include such posts in my closing thoughts and hope that my readers with more knowledge will find it worthy of comment and correct any mis-statements that may be included….

The buzzword of the year is —-cyber-security….both personal and national…..a new report covers just how it works within the confines of a democracy…..

“War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.” This 19th-century quip, often attributed to the satirist Ambrose Bierce, deserves a 21st-century update: “Attacks against the U.S. are God’s way of teaching Americans how weaker enemies are stronger than they seem.”

Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are the paradigmatic examples of this. On September 11, 2001, they gave Americans, along with the rest of the world, a lesson in “asymmetric warfare”—armed conflict between two sides whose relative military power differs significantly, and in which one party can gain advantage by targeting the other one’s weak points.

Source: How Democracies Lose in Cyberwar – The Atlantic

This is my swan song for the day….go out and live a bit….be well, be safe…..chuq

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Feb17

  1. LOL! Sorry, it just struck me as funny; the updated version is as silly as the original, though both show the truth about the typical American’s basic ability to think at all….

    Why is it God’s responsibility to teach American’s anything? They don’t know how to learn themselves? And, why is it God’s responsibility to educate them, at all?

    Ipse dixit logic will never lead to any solution to a problem presented by Reality….which makes the entire exercise as effective as the couch potato mentality can stand….


    gigoid, the dubious

      1. *grin* I know… I’m a grammar, etc. freak, but, not a Nazi about it; I only insist on my own being correct… I would wager most of your errors in that line only occur because you get going too fast, & don’t want to stop & break the thread in your mind…, then forget to go back to check… None of us care what the spell checker tells us.. We learn to ignore it as we go, or we’d be stopping at every finger twitch…


  2. Without any disrespect intended to the victims, the 9/11 attacks must rate as one of the most successful operations against a distant foreign country in military history. A few individuals, armed with almost no weapons, using hijacked aircraft that they didn’t even have to buy, created one of the greatest sensations of the modern age, right under the nose of one of the most security-conscious countries in the world.
    Take away the ‘terrorist’ label, change the two sides, and it would be lauded as a textbook case.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I found no disrespect…although I have said much the same and some got butt hurt in blogs and punished me by eliminating my blog from their roll….I agree…it was a genius plan and executed well…chuq

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