Stand By Your Man

Not a cheesy country song from the 60’s…..but this about our new leader, Trump and his supporters.

I visit lots of different blogs and most are well thought out and well written….even some of the ones that cheer lead for Trump.  I do not mind that they support their man…all good American voters should stand by their choices….but there are times when they seem to be less in support and more just cheese eating….

There is even an article about this phenom…..

Lee Snover is a born-again Christian, a mother of one, and a boss. She runs a drywall and framing business based in Northampton, Pennsylvania. She manages 15 full-time employees – 50 when you count subcontractors. She calls them her “guys”. They work in four states. She supported John McCain for president in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. She wasn’t in love with either candidate, but it didn’t matter. Her father was a Republican activist and she took after him. She has always been a loyal party soldier.

Then Donald Trump came along, and Snover’s investment in politics changed. “Whatever it takes, that’s what was running through my mind,” she told the Guardian last week. “If I have to lose it all, I need for him to win.”

Source: Trump loyalists stand by their man – but the resistance is taking root | US news | The Guardian

Like the article said…even some of his biggest supporters in the election are starting to see that he is NOT the person they thought he was during the campaign…..

For instance the lies about jobs….jobs….jobs!

There is one industry that is just not seeing an uptick in business and will not create many new jobs that is unless something changes….tourism…..

America – that great land of opportunity – doesn’t seem to be an attractive travel destination anymore.

At least that’s the conclusion being drawn from a study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), who claim that the US travel industry suffered $185million (£148million) in lost revenue since Trump’s executive order banned citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

According to travel agency Hopper, flight search demand to the US dropped 17 per cent since Trump’s inauguration and the implementation of the travel ban. This is compared to the final weeks of Obama’s presidency.

In fact, flight searches to the US dropped in 94 of the 122 countries Hopper has data on.

Source: Donald Trump’s presidency has cost US tourism £148million already | indy100

But never fear these nose picking ass scratchers that support Trump will have an answer for this slow down in tourism….and I for one cannot wait for it.

The one I want to hear about from these people is the money spent.

For 8 years there was endless whining and ranting about how much the Ohama get-a-ways cost the taxpayer…..they would go on and on about the money that was wasted on the trips and the golf games……and now I want to hear from them on this steaming pile of manure…..

A few years ago, President Trump called then-President Obama’s travel expenses “unbelievable,” ABC News reports. According to the Washington Post, those expenses were estimated at $97 million over eight years. Trump and his family are on pace to exceed that total in just seven months, and taxpayers are footing the bill, New York Magazine reports. It starts with the president himself. Despite once promising he would “rarely leave the White House,” Trump is spending the weekend at Mar-a-Lago for the third week in a row. Those three trips are estimated to have cost the US Treasury about $10 million. And the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office says it pays $60,000 in overtime for every day Trump is at his golf resort.

But it doesn’t end with the president. New York City is paying $500,000 per day for security at Trump Tower, where Melania Trump and Barron are living, and estimates it will spend more than $180 million per year. Meanwhile, Trump’s adults sons and their Secret Service detail are in the United Arab Emirates for a Trump-brand golf course opening this weekend. A similar trip to Uruguay recently cost the Secret Service and US Embassy nearly $100,000. All told, the Trump family’s “unusually elaborate lifestyle” is expected to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years—far more than is typical for presidents. And some of that money will go directly to Trump himself, as he hasn’t divested from his businesses.

There is one thing you can say about Obama and his trips…..not much to the money spent went into is personal checking accounts….can Trump say the same thing?


9 thoughts on “Stand By Your Man

  1. What I am finding particularly amusing about all this comes down to realizing there are more than 150 million people in this country, perhaps more, who believed, and still believe, all the bullshit lies told throughout the campaign by both Trump, and Clinton. They all seem to think the lies told by their own are acceptable, versus those of the opponent, whose lies they consider deplorable. This same huge number of people continue to fail to see the hypocrisy this implies, or the lack of comprehension they exhibit by believing either one, or, for that matter, almost everything they read or watch.

    There’s a Facebook meme that applies, with the cowboy with the smirk, who notes, “Y’all are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?”….

    Gives us witnesses a lot to laugh and talk about, though, eh, what?

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Yes, thanks, it is…. I blanked on his name for some reason… I’ve seen the picture used, with that ending line, a number of times, describing various liars & those who believed them… from both sides of the political spectrum, proving again just how MANY ignorami, or, ignoramae, more correctly, I guess, there really are, just in this countr, among voters.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m a card-carrying liberal and have always been intrigued by American politics, but I’ve grown tired of the hypocrisy of both sides and that they live in their own exclusive bubbles where no challenge is tolerated, no dissent is allowed.

    1. Hahahaha…..have you read some of the stuff on Right wing blogs where Trump is working even when away….but Obama was not….the hypocrites will not slow down….chuq

  2. There does seem to be a lack of general support for Trump from most of those ‘ordinary people’ who voted him in. At least as far as I can see from blogging, there are at least a dozen anti-Trump blogs for every one remotely supporting him. As an outsider, I really don’t believe that the ‘average’ American cares that much about the cost of any president. They like to see those informal shots of them playing golf, relaxing by a pool, stroking their dogs, or joking with their happy children. It’s just the same old sham, with a different lading man. And it will just go on, whoever happens to be in charge.
    It’s the same here. People flock to see The Queen arriving at church, or opening a new health centre. They love the photos of baby George, and somehow think that all this informality (we know it’s far from that) makes them involved, and a part of the process.
    No different to farm animals, following the others into the barn.
    Regards, Pete.

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