Why NATO Needs A European Pillar

If you followed the last election then know that our newly elected president has no love for NATO…..he even called it “obsolete”…..

There is a scramble going on the try and find a way to preserve the organization if the US somehow takes a powder and leaves the European allies high and dry.

Below is a opinion from the International Crisis Group (ICG) on the situation with NATO……

If Europe tries to protect the alliance only by ‘buying’ American commitment through increased defence spending, it will fail.

Europeans have every reason to worry about U.S. President Donald Trump. He has declared NATO “obsolete.” He’s spoken more glowingly about Russian President Vladimir Putin than about most Western European leaders. And he’s suggested he will apply his transactional vision of diplomacy to his country’s alliances. A president who has unabashedly made “America First” his guiding principle is telling Europeans America’s commitment to them will depend on their willingness to pay for it.

The Continent’s leaders should listen carefully. For too long, European countries have not been serious enough about their own defence; most spend much less than the two per cent of GDP goal set by NATO. If they do not change course, a president who has little understanding of soft power and, in his own words, only respects “strength,” will not take them seriously.

Source: Why NATO Needs A European Pillar | Crisis Group

Although it is early in the presidency of Trump….but so far the fate of NATO is still up in the air.


26 thoughts on “Why NATO Needs A European Pillar

      1. Well, what can I say. Before most every war we’ve been caught with our pants down, so cutting the defense budget isn’t the answer – maybe the salaries in D.C. should be cut?

      2. first I apologize these 3 replies went to SPAM….do not know why. I agree never let those turds make more than they can spend….chuq

  1. I think what needs to be remembered is this: does anyone believe those who make the arms and weapons of war are going to tolerate giving up their profits? The simplest, and truest, answer is, no, they’re not. As long as people remain manipulable according to their delusional beliefs, they will be fooled into thinking all this war bullshit has some purpose essential to society, such as protecting one’s own country… which is the perfect attitude for a slave.

    NATO, or any other military force or organization, is merely the symptom of our insanity; it won’t change anything until a rational set of beliefs is adopted by enough people to make a difference… Does anyone really think there are enough rational beings here to accomplish that? There are far too many people who can be manipulated into thinking any political end is important, or any goal that is based on beliefs that simply are not true, and thus are useless in the real world, except to confuse, and create conflict.

    Only internal change can cure such delusion, & I just don’t see it happening anywhere, to any significant degree.

    gigoid. the dubious

    1. Quite Right gigoid!
      For a start turn off your TV & maybe read some books…dig the garden & pat the cat/dog
      Or buy Bourbon to ease the pain!

      1. LOL! All good techniques to avoid much of the BS… I turned off my TV nine years ago. Don’t garden much, but, the cat gets a lot of play… so does the Bourbon.. too often for complete ease… can’t take the aftershocks well any more…



  2. This week, there have been extensive reports on the BBC about the build-up of US (and UK) forces on the border between Norway and Russia. It seems that the Russians have found the biggest reserves of oil and natural gas ever discovered in Europe. They are very close to the border with Norway, and the ‘border patrols’ have been stepped up, backed by the UK and the US. Naturally, the assumption is that Russia wants to invade Norway to get even more of the land containing those resources. Just nonsense.
    They are playing with fire in the region, and treating it like a game.
    Our top military spokesman described it as ‘Supporting our NATO ally, Norway.”
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Just who is the BBC?
        Propaganda Machine…..
        We all have cancelled our license…
        Vapid Establishment Bullshit!
        Controlled by the Zio Brigade!
        Mornin’ chuq

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